Work Sharp Whetstone Takes Guesswork Out of an Ancient Craft

The Work Sharp Whetstone uses integrated angle guides to assist knife sharpeners. We put it to the test.

我想在一个磨刀石磨刀是巨大的。But it’s a tricky craft blending a bit of art and a lot of science.

并不亚于我觉得磨刀石浪漫 - 钢在浑身湿透的石慢平局,浓度,重复 - 我很难持续保持完美的角度。


work sharp whetstone

Work Sharp’s latest product, the台式油石(30美元), aims to remedy mediocre skills with a simple but well-designed solution.

The brand uses magnetically attached angle guides on each end of the stone to give sharpeners a reference angle for every stroke. And while it still requires some muscle memory and consistency, the guides do work.


测试台式油石,我开始用廉价的菜刀。我不希望我的笨拙的笔触起飞的罚款边缘I’d honed on my nicer knives用一个邪恶的边缘系统。

So with a dull Sharp Select chef’s knife as my canvas, I went to work with the palate of the Benchtop Whetstone.



The stone sits in a sturdy plastic holder (and has an anti-skid mat), which reduces the mess of slurry that will get on your countertops or workbench.

With the stone prepped, I got to work using the 17-degree guide. The 15- or 17-degree guides, which have a rubberized face, set our angle perfectly at the beginning of each stroke across the 1,000- or 6,000-grit surface of the stone (it has two grits, one on each side).


Work Sharp Benchtop:使用石



So I switched sides, then repeated the process with the 6,000-grit hone surface. The result was a pretty sharp knife in about 15 minutes. I was pleased with the results.

但是,像任何石头,工作夏普导板只是 - 指南。你仍然需要保持良好的形态和保持的角度真正取得好成绩。我挣扎着在顶端的良好的边缘,最后调用另一个10分钟后它不够好。

This was by no means the fault of the sharpener, but mine, and I’m fine with admitting it. Sharpening on a stone is a skill. But the guides do make it somewhat easier and faster to achieve good results.

I enjoyed using the台式油石。这对于那些谁想要学习手工磨砺一个很好的选择。它给你的帮助,但留下了足够的用户手锐留的浪漫一点点。

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