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The Flyweight and CX collections from Simms target two different groups of anglers. And they’re perhaps the most high-tech, feature-rich collections from the brand yet.

Simms sits easily on the top tier of high-quality fishing gear.和男人在一起flyweightCXcollections, they continue on an innovative path to bring hardcore anglers the very best.

The Flyweight collection aims to engage the fly fishing diehards that tend to head to unpressured waters, far from roads and trails. It incorporates a new system built in conjunction with 5.11 Tactical.


Read on for details on both lines.

Staying Light and Organized With the Flyweight Collection

simms flyweight collectionTheflyweightcollectionbrings an entirely new system of angling organization to the Simms product line. And it was created in partnership with 5.11 Tactical.

Using 5.11’s Hexgrid platform (seen in photo) on the waders allows anglers to attach, detach, and switch out necessary components of their setup on the go.

TheflyweightWaders($550) andFlyweight Shell钓鱼夹克($300) take the hero spots for the collection. The waders feature GORE-TEX Pro Stretch for ease of movement and a light AF feel. And the jacket is GORE-TEX Paclite Plus, a super light and packable waterproof option to tackle most days on the water.

Further, the collection features everything:a series of packs,flyweight boots,和shoes for both men and women, even thoughtful accessories like bottle holsters, gear pods, and a net holster.

Battling the Elements With the CX CollectionSIMMS CX集合

OK. Bear with me. Because my first comment is, did Kanye help design this? Because we need this fly woodlands fit paired with a Simms xyeezy.collaboration shoe. Stat.


TheSimms CX Jacket(400美元)持有足够的防水技术,以保持钓鱼者在完全淹没之外的任何情况下晾干。引擎盖在高速和驾驶雨中脱落。干燥口袋拉链输出元素。反射元素是内置的,以进一步安全。

TheCX Bibs($400) do the same. They feature a stretch back panel for ease of movement. And articulated knees paired with a reinforced seat offer extra durability in the hardest hit points.

Both the CX and Flyweight collections are available now via theSIMMS网站. And read our full review onSimms’ Flyweight boots.


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