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Recall: Sea to Summit Warns of Cookware ‘Scald Hazard’

Sea to Summit recalled more than 18,000 camp pots across North America, saying a faulty part may pose a scald or burn risk.

Australia’s Sea to Summit, manufacturer of packable, ultralight outdoor and camp gear,isvoluntarily recallingthousands of nesting camp pots. Only some Alpha and Sigma models are affected, so the brand warns consumers should stop using the pots and check to see if they require replacement parts.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Sea to Summit hasreceived 10 reports在使用时锁定罐手柄的黑色尼龙闩锁,“由于过度的热量,脱离或变得松动。”

Sea to Summit said it has not received any reports of injury. Read on to determine if you have a defective pot.

Sea到Summit Alpha,Sigma厨师罐召回

The CPSC reports this recall impacts about 16,200 camp pots in the U.S. and another 2,050 in Canada. Sigma and Alpha pots with the faulty part sold online and in-store at REI and other sporting goods stores. The pots retailed between $40 and $130 in the following sizes: 1.2L, 1.9L, 2.7L, and 3.7L. These pots also sold as part of Sea to Summitcamp cook sets.

The issue relates to the nylon latch that engages the pot’s swinging handle. Faulty units have a latchwithout a screwin it. See the images below for instructions on how to identify which pots areincluded in the recall.


If your pot has a latch with no screw, you’re eligible for free replacement parts. Fill outthis form接收替换锁存器。

Sea to Summit also posted the following video instructions to help install the new latch:

If you have any questions regarding the Alpha and Sigma cook pot recall, visit theFAQ and info page, or email Sea to Summit

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