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-320-Degree Jacket

There's cold,and then there's really cold.And "hundreds" of degrees below that,you'll find the Kistler Series 7 Aerogel jacket.Kistler used the space-age insulator to create a mesh composite it says helps make it 50 percent lighter than the leading Aerogel competition.Plus,the Series 7 sports a built-in thermometer to tell users how warm it is inside the jacket.And the brand claims the Series 7 will keep wearers warm down to -320 degrees Fahrenheit.OK,maybe there's a little hyperbole there.But you can find it onKickstarterbeginning at a healthy $649.

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Kickstarterbeginning at a healthy $649.

Flydrophobic SD.Using a patent-pending waterproof-breathable system,Tacky made a fly box that actually allows moisture to escape from inside the box (while still fending off outside water).The $35 box holds between 66 and 100 flies — wet or dry.

Veer,maker of the "off-road" Cruiser stroller,introduces the Basecamp: a portable,pop-up shelter for little kids.The 7-pound shelter offers 360-degree views,a shade roof,and a removable SPF 50 sun/rain cover.Best of all,the Basecamp "pops" open with a one-handed motion.Look for it on Jan.1,2019,for $179.


Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra,built specifically for intense activities like HIIT,running,and combat.The key is the bra's adjustable overband, a curved panel that provides upward-directed support when exercising.It also sports moisture-wicking,fast-drying materials for added comfort.Available now for $75.

Kickstarterbeginning around $215.

GEL-Quantum Infinity.Designed for "visual impact and high-level cushioning," these shoes mark the first to sport Asics' proprietary GEL midsole across the entire length of the shoe.Launched this month,the GEL-Quantum Infinity targets the comfort-minded and style-conscious alike.Available now for $180.

OPKIXONEenables users to capture 1080p resolution at a video speed of 30 fps without maneuvering a bulky device.Weighing in at 11 grams and boasting waterproof construction,the OPKIXONE can strap to eyewear,a selfie stick,or even wrap around a finger to record up to 15 minutes of footage (and store over an hour).Plus,the OPKIXONE comes as a set of two cameras,nested in a "smart computer" egg that automatically charges the cameras and uploads content to the brand's editing app.

Pronghorn,a handlebar carriage system with the ultralight bikepacker in mind.The Pronghorn comprises a Dyneema dry bag and an internal fiberglass stay for mounting.Depending on size — 7.5L,11L,or 23L — the Pronghorn weighs between 7 and 9 ounces.

Kuhli Proweather shelter.Measuring 144 x 108 inches with more than 108 square feet of coverage,the Kuhli Pro offers 10 guy-out points to adapt to a wide range of environments.And Kammok constructed the Kuhli Pro with its Amphibiskin X,a lightweight,waterproof,15-denier silicone/PU fabric to deflect wind,rain,and snow.Plus,the inside is reflective to radiate heat back under the cover.Available now for $199.

Under Armour‘s TriBase Reign has minimalist cross-trainers in mind with a 2mm drop and a lightweight,breathable mesh upper.Plus,Under Armour said it built the TriBase Reign to be lower to the ground for more efficient power transfer.Find it on Dec.26 for $120.

Snowfeet!While skate-style shoes have already hit the scene,Snowfeet went a step further to make it more user-friendly.Strap Snowfeet onto your favorite boots or shoes and instantly transform your footwear.Snowfeet sport two metal edges for control,a heel brake,and adjustable bindings.Available now on Indiegogo starting at $125.