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Pack Big for Backcountry Hikes: Osprey Introduces ‘Plus’ Backpacks for Aether & Ariel

鱼鹰庆祝成立25周年of its signature backpack with tougher, high-volume models that hold from 60 L up to 100 L of gear.这亚太金色和ariel pluspacks are made for multiday journeys — just in time for fall backpacking trips that require packing more gear.

这Aether blazed a trail for backpacking standards, and Osprey has continued to evolve this signature backpack和女性特定的Ariel版本。Plus型号将材料升级为高韧度尼龙,并加入Tech以微调适合,并保持较近身体的可变负载。

鱼鹰is known for making several sizes to accommodate a range of hikers. The Aether Plus comes in four new volumes in two adjustable sizes, and the Ariel Plus in three new volumes and two adjustable sizes.

See Osprey’s Aether & Ariel Plus Backpacks

鱼鹰Aether Plus
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亚太金色和ariel plusbackpacks are made for deep excursions into the backcountry that require more essentials than an average hike. To make long hauls more comfortable, Osprey engineered its Custom-Fit-on-the-Fly fit system to dial the fit and stabilize the load as it changes over the journey.


升级到Aether&Ariel Plus Backpacks

  • High load capacity
  • Lightwire弹簧钢悬架
  • 定制搭便器 - 携带的臀部带和肩带
  • 可拆卸的盖子转换为日托(无需使用)
  • 由更耐用的高韧度尼龙构成

Osprey创始人Mike Pfotenhauer与设计团队合作,首先通过拆除可互换的线束和臀部带来简化包装的设计。因此,新的自定义定制设计,可让您释放和调整魔式吊带和肩带。可调节性是在品牌的三大柱的适合 - 躯干长度,臀部带和肩带上构成 - 以适应各种车身类型。

Keeping heavy packs close to the body provides a better center of gravity. This improves with comfort and safety on more technical terrain. The Lightwire spring steel frame helps stiffen the suspension and transfer some of the load to the hip belt. A mesh-covered, breathable back panel uses foam cutouts and air channels to juggle ventilation and adequate contact with the back.

With sustainability being akey element在Osprey的商业模式中,该品牌选择了用于主体的Bluesign批准的材料和免费的PFC DWR,以最大限度地减少背包的环境影响。

Osprey Aether Plus和Ariel Plus背包


在某些时候,你会想在营地放下一些装备,并在景点中浸泡。Day Lid是一种可拆卸的包,仅用于这些类型的侧面游览或一日游。并且有一个DWR雨盖来保护你留下的包装。

A theme of the亚太岛和亚里尔features is easy access to your gear. There’s nothing fun about rummaging around for a piece of gear — or worse, having to start unpacking to find it. The packs’ front panel side zips to grab items like the rainfly or a rain jacket when the rain comes. Another dual zip opens the entire front panel to rearrange the load or unpack big items.



鱼鹰亚太金色和ariel plusbackpack

鱼鹰Aether & Ariel Plus Specs

  • 可拆卸的盖子转换为日托
  • 集成的襟翼盖,用于无盖使用
  • 前面板拉链侧口袋,便于访问
  • 前面板ZIP访问主隔间
  • Dual-access mesh side water bottle pockets
  • Side and front panel compression straps
  • Dual-zip hip belt pockets
  • Trek Pear附件和双冰斧环绕着Bungees
  • 拉链睡袋舱与可拆卸分频器
  • 可拆卸的睡垫垫带
  • Internal water reservoir sleeve


Osprey Aether Plus:以两种尺寸为100L,85L,70L和60L体积:S / M(12-20.5英寸)和L / XL(19.5-23英寸)。

鱼鹰Ariel Plus:85L, 70L, and 60L volumes in two sizes: XS/S (14-17 inches) and M/L (16-19.5 inches).

Osprey Ariel Plus背包
Photo credit: Nathaniel Wilder

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