‘Lessons Learned’: Randy Newberg Breaks Down a Mule Deer Hunt

Every hunter can learn something from each hunt. And the prolific Randy Newberg takes it to the next level in his ‘Lessons Learned’ series.

Listen: If there’s someone you want standing up by a whiteboard talking about hunting,it’s probably Randy Newberg. And thankfully, he’s doing just that in his “Lessons Learned” series.

The most recent episode breaks down an extremely successful Wyoming mule deer hunt with two of Newberg’s hunting pals, Beau Baty of荒野岭径骆驼和Lorenzo Sartini的GOHunt.

“I feel like I’m the student here, and I’m here to learn from others,” Newberg says of the hunt featured in the 25-minute film. “Swallow your pride a little bit if you’re an old dude like I am, and go there with the idea of how much can I learn here.”

It’s a refreshing, if not oft unheard, sentiment on the media side of hunting. And the five lessons Newberg gleans from this hunt are sure to help you become better equipped in your next mule deer hunt.

Perhaps, good-tempered and honest humility is the thing we’re all working toward. At least,Randy Newbergmakes it seem that way.

We’re looking forward to more from the retrospective “Lessons Learned” series.

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