Ultralight Packing: Tips to Start Shaving Ounces

Hyperlite Mountain Gear believes a well-organized ultralight backpacking system pays off in weight savings and organization. Its line of backpacks, shelters, and stuff sacks can help you streamline your packing list.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear强调背包系统,以减轻负载,并在超轻徒步旅行中保持井然有序。The harder the effort, the theory goes, the more benefit you’ll reap from weight savings.



超轻帐篷。图片由Hyperlite Mountain Gear提供。


As we covered inEssentialism 101轻装意味着减少冗余。

如果您从未强调节省重量,则可能需要花时间在地板上铺设所有装备。经过A.list of essentialsand move those items to one side. Obviously, if you weigh everything individually, it’s easier to calculate different packing lists on paper.


Essentials like backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags are big-ticket items and worth considering on a cost-to-weight basis. Even if you don’t have more ultralight hikes planned, lighter items can also be used for more casual trips and car camping.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff Sacks
HMG Stuff Sacks. Photo courtesy of Hyperlite Mountain Gear.


Deciding what to pack is also a matter of utility.





Hyperlite Mountain Gear Stuff麻袋产品图片

Hyperlite Mountain Gear填充袋与通常的尼龙袋(帐篷和睡袋)相比,尼龙袋更坚固防水。取代那些标准的问题包,随您的帐篷,包,垫提供了一个门户到超轻材料,旨在剃盎司。

These Dyneema sacks have renowned durability, too, which can defend against a stray tent spike or pole poking into your gear. Beefier stuff sacks will also add redundancy to protecting items from moisture, especially if your bag will collect some morning dew.

Hyperlite offerstips on which stuff sacks适合和保护你的装备。这一切都在你选择背包之前。买一个超轻的背包并没有多大意义,除非你先把装备清单上挂着的较低的水果削下来。


Hyperlite Mountain Gear ultralight backpacks

一般来说,超轻背包放弃了传统背包中的内部口袋、分隔器和拉链。Hyperlite Mountain Gear制造了四个“核心”背包。主包装是相似的,但他们使用不同的外袋和材料,根据环境的考虑。

For instance, beefier outer fabrics protect the3400北缘canyoneering pack. The North Rim is large enough for thru-hikes but can size down for short hikes.

The2400风车is the brand’s original pack with less-protected outer pockets. Hyperlite Mountain Gear pegs the Windrider’s sweet spot on the Appalachian Trail and on trips lasting up to 4 days.

相比之下,辊顶2400 Southwestaims to meet the needs of Continental Divide Trail hikers, where brushes up against more rugged terrain are expected.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear also makes packs for snowy missions and when waterproofing is paramount.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear帐篷和庇护所

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Tents and Shelters
Ultamid 4金字塔帐篷和平铺油布帐篷。图片由Hyperlite Mountain Gear提供。

Your home away from home will come down to a choice in comfort and ease of setup.

Tents provide walls from the elements and early morning sunlight. Hyperlite Mountain Gear makes several tents, ranging from the largeUltamid 4金字塔帐篷architecture to the回声2掩蔽系统。Most models have companion mesh inserts sold separately.

For the real minimalists, there are tarp shelters. If you’re hiking with poles (usually considered worth the weight) and headed to drier climates, a平铺油布可能就是你所需要的。

If there will be mosquitoes, plan to pack netting to wear around your head.

Photo courtesy: Hyperlite Mountain Gear



如前所述填充袋, dipping your toe into the market with smaller items can be an entry point to shedding ounces, especially if you’ve recently purchased a tent or pack you’re not ready to replace.

另一个选择是,超石英山齿轮的答案对Fanny Pack。徒步旅行者肯定可以用它作为超轻系统的一部分。

It’s waterproof and weighs less than 3 ounces, so it can protect valuables like a phone, and hold necessities like a credit card, ID, and snacks in one place. That way, if you want to set down your backpack for a side trek to a stream or overlook, you can bring the Versa with you for added peace of mind.

超石条山 - 齿轮 -  versa-pack-lifestyle
Photo courtesy: Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Day packs can be an important investment as you start to build your kit that offers a variety of perks without the extra size (or budget) of a pack made for multinight adventures.

The曙光超光石包has enough space for hydration, food, clothing for changes in temps, and other necessities. This type of pack is versatile for several types of adventures and is a worthy first dip into the ultralight packing world.



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