Nemo Kyan 35 synthetic mummy sleeping bag hood

第一眼:Nemo Kyan 35合成木乃伊睡袋


Patent-pending FeatherCore insulation closes the gap to down in the NEMO Kyan 35 Synthetic Mummy sleeping bag.

合成绝缘材料的热重比继续增加。and compressibility of down.NEMO joined the fray by releasing the基恩男人和女人Azurawomen's synthetic mummy bags in January.

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With these bags,该品牌首次推出Feathercore,正在申请专利的绝缘技术。

Feathercore采用Primaloft银(70%消费后回收材料),减少空气流通,提高热量保持率。令人印象深刻的,NEMO advertises it having the same compressibility as 650-fill-power down.

To test NEMO's claims,我们在接近额定温度的温度下使用了Kyan35进行了一次整夜的背包旅行,进行了第一次回顾。

简而言之:NEMO FeatherCore introduces another contender in the premium synthetic insulation battle.The Kyan 35 proved warm and comfortable while matching the weight and compressibility of many 600/650-fill-power down bags of the same temperature rating.The Kyan also inherits NEMO's Thermo Gills,allowing heat venting without drafts while retaining synthetic's ability to retain loft when wet. As a bonus, a zipped pocket near the head of the bag fits a cellphone.

Nemo Kyan 35合成木乃伊睡袋

NEMO FeatherCore Insulation

尼莫仍然对如何在其羽绒包中使用Primaloft银合成绝缘材料保持秘密。At press time,this is the only information vwin徳赢网GearJunkie could garner:

"Patent-pending FeatherCore construction suppresses airflow to increase heat retention and increases compressibility for a packed size similar to down."

NEMO Kyan 35 First Look Review

Size & Weight

Kyan的压缩袋直径只有7英寸,长度只有13英寸。我设法把它挤到我包里的一个7 x 7英寸的空间里。In fact,事实证明,这种压缩尺寸相当于——或者小于——650——把木乃伊袋塞进我的箭袋里。

Still,at a verified 1 pound 10 ounces (regular length),Kyan35的重量超过了我800多个类似额定温度的充电袋。But it does weigh less than my other 650-fill-power down bags.

Fit & Comfort

这是我所期待的,在一个合成袋一样的重量争夺下降。It has 62-inch shoulder girth,55英寸臀围,and 45-inch knee girth.这些尺寸对我6英尺的身高来说不是太大或太紧,165-pound frame in any sleeping position.

另外,the Kyan was quick to warm up in temperatures near its 35-degree rating.With a light base layer,我睡得很舒服,包的拉链拉得很紧,Thermo Gills closed,and the parka-like hood cinched.

引擎盖紧贴在一起,不会产生束流,也不会造成某些引擎盖在系紧时产生的破裂。As such,我喜欢这种风帽的设计,几乎胜过所有其他的。The Kyan's glossy 20-denier ripstop nylon shell and 30-denier nylon taffeta lining gave a soft feel.And the inner lining felt comfortable against both bare skin and base layers.

Nemo Kyan 35 synthetic mummy sleeping bag Thermo Gill vent

The Thermo Gill vents on the Kyan are unique.They do vent heat,但根据我在两个尼莫包中的经验,影响仅限于鳃下的区域。但是,一对22英寸的拉链开口使得热量在隔热挡板之间逸出,只有双层内衬层完好无损地阻挡气流。

Finally,like other ultralight fabrics,我小心地把袋子放进帐篷里,以免被绊倒和刺穿。And the insulated draft tube's stiffener kept main zipper snags at bay.


The NEMO Kyan 35 with FeatherCore insulation is a viable alternative to 650-fill-power down bags of the same temperature rating.It requires less weight while offering similar compressibility,all with the advantage of better loft retention in humid and wet conditions.

凯恩的热鳃在躯干周围提供了一个散热选项,and the hood design is excellent.Both male (基恩(女)Azura)款式有常规和长款两种,20度和35度。Prices range from $200 (35-degree regular) to $240 (20-degree long).

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