Minuzo Enerzy


The new Mizuno Enerzy ‘signature’ running shoe debuts a fresh cushioning platform that will make its way into additional Mizuno products, including the Wave Rider 24. And it looks wild.

Mizuno leaves no doubt that it created something different when it launched the美津浓Enerzyrunning shoe last month. By devising a new Enerzy foam and midsole core material, which the brand claims improves softness and energy return at the same time, Mizuno launched this “signature” model to exaggerate the presence of the technology. And “exaggerate” might be an understatement.

限量发售 - 和$ 300惊人的价格 - 签名模型作为一个大胆引进新技术,它进入更多传统风格的美津浓跑鞋,如前Wave Rider 24。但由于品牌创造了一个大胆的亮相,我们可以得到一个更好的理解正是新的Enerzy是怎么一回事。

美津浓EnerzyNew Cushioning Technology

In short:There’s no getting around the look of this mold-breaking model. And “polarizing” may be putting the aesthetic kindly. That said, the amplification of the cushioning technology focuses on the material that does feel soft, especially in the forefoot, even if the $300 (yes, you read that right) signature model itself comes across clunky.



美津浓EnerzyRunning Shoe: First Impressions

Granted, the美津浓Enerzysignature model wasn’t meant to look like the traditional design of aWave Rider 24, but rather to accentuate the use of the new technology and make us all take notice. Still, though, you’d think the boldness would equate to an immediate plush ride full of extra bounce. However, I didn’t feel that on my multiple 3- to 5-mile runs, largely on pavement.

不利的一面,13.3盎司的跑步鞋的笨重感导致什么,我觉得是因为圆角设计的稳定性问题。虽然它提供的平均脚跟缓冲和能量回归,我想很多其他的减震系统在市场上做的一样好一份工作 - 更好 - 我的缓冲脚跟,软化我的步骤,并提供了反弹。

Where theEnerzy没有执行,虽然是前掌。不仅没有鞋提供了一个很好的脚跟到脚尖的运动,但无论是缓冲和脚趾离前掌推进令人印象深刻。

While focusing solely on the cushioning in the early runs with the美津浓Enerzy,我成了用前脚掌减震更加印象深刻的里程相加,不是很怀疑脚跟缓冲。虽然我仍然没有达到被它折服的整体水平。

美津浓EnerzyFirst Impressions

Fit & Feel

Mizuno used its WAVEKNIT upper for a sock-like fit that also reduces weight and allows for breathability. I’ve come to believe that runners are either a fan of the tight sock-like design or they aren’t. Personally, that isn’t the choice I go for.


Inside, the toebox was ideal and the upper fit well elsewhere on my feet. The heel sat comfortably in the design, and there was no sloppy movement of the foot.

Obviously, the traction pattern on the美津浓Enerzy远非传统,并在路面稍微不稳定的运行设计而成的圆润自然。穿过砾石和草短短绵延实际提供更多的稳定性,很大程度上是因为鞋底延伸,从而远远超出脚垫和Enerzy技术的设计吸收了地形起伏。

Fit and Feel

Should You Buy?

对于美津浓品牌的风扇,Enerzy材料将提供升级,当它进入自己喜欢的跑鞋模式(男装women’sWave Rider 24).

The Enerzy isn’t going to wow anyone coming to Mizuno from somewhere else, but with the impressive way the brand has improved forefoot cushioning and energy return in that area of the shoe, the Enerzy material could have some benefits — if used properly.

The美津浓Enerzy,虽然是声明鞋 - 无论是技术和美学 - 美津浓和已经完成了目标。它已经做了发言。



  • Weight:13.3盎司(男人的大小9​​)
  • 下降:10 mm
  • Midsole:Enerzy foam
  • Upper:针织战利品
  • 价钱:$ 300

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