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Leave No Trace: The 7 Principles and Best Practices


答案之一是学习和遵循不留痕迹的原则。The不留痕迹中心室外伦理, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded over 25 years ago with the goal of environmental advocacy. The organization aims to protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.


Leave No Trace Principles


Pack well to Leave No Trace


Here are some questions to ask before your head out:

  • When are you going and with how many people? When possible, try to avoid high-use areas or peak-traffic times like weekends and holidays. If you’re traveling with a group, the smaller the better.
  • 样的设备和服装的你需要什么?你需要为极端天气或地形准备?
  • Where are you traveling and what are the rules and regulations? Are there private land boundaries?
  • What is the skill or comfort level of all members of your group? Plan your trip activities to accommodate everyone’s abilities.


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Examples of highly durable land other than established trails and campsites are rock, sand, gravel, ice, snow, and dry grasses. Refrain from camping or trampling on more delicate grounds such as vegetation, living soil, and desert puddles and mudholes. And make sure you’re camping at least 200 feet away from water.

3.Dispose of Waste Properly

Packing It OutTrash Leave No Trace Photo

More often than not, waste is inevitable. It’s important to know the correct way to dispose of everything, from trash waste to human waste, to make the smallest impact on the Earth possible. Here are a few reminders and tips on how to deal with waste in the outdoors:

  • If you pack it in, you should pack it out.
  • 检查你的整个营地任何吃剩的垃圾,food, litter, etc. Keep an eye out for micro-trash, like the corners off sauce packets, small wrappers, or miscellaneous small pieces of plastic. The rule of thumb is to try to leave the site cleaner than you found it.
  • Dispose of human waste properly. If there are no designated restrooms, you will need to dig a cathole. Make sure you dig your cathole 6-8 inches deep, 4-6 inches in diameter, and at least 200 feet away from water. Cover the hole when you’re done. Some areas may require you to pack human waste out, so be aware of the regulations. Toilet paper and other bathroom products should definitely be packed out.
  • Use biodegradable soap when you’re washing anything, including yourself. You should carry the water 200 feet away from the stream or lake. Strain used dishwater to collect any food scraps and then scatter the water away from the campsite.


Leave No Trace while backpacking among wildflowers

这引发收集纪念品上的冒险,你可能会认为,拿起数朵或岩石上不会做任何伤害。如果只是你,你可能是正确的,butif every person reading this decided to just “take a couple” of souvenirs, the impact becomes much larger in scale.Examine, appreciate, snap a photo, and be on your way.

Here are some actions you can take to make sure to leave what you find:

  • 离开植物,岩石等天然物体在它们的栖息地。
  • 不要删除您在公共土地上发现的任何文化或历史文物。
  • Don’t vandalize nature with engravings or scratches.
  • Try not to dig trenches, construct structures, or build fire rings unless you absolutely have to.
  • Avoid bringing in species of other kinds to different habitats.

5.Minimize Campfire Impacts

Use a fire ring for Leave No Trace campfires



  • Think about where you’re building your fire. Use established fire rings or fire mounds when possible.
  • Know about the fire restrictions in the area. Be aware of seasonal fire danger.
  • 不从家里带木头。要么买它从一个local source or gather it responsibly.
  • 负责任地拾柴,收集来自周围的营地广域。只有采取小块死了,被击落的木材。不要剥去站立或击落树枝。
  • Be sure to put your fire out completely and dispose of ash responsibly.


6.Respect Wildlife

british columbia bans ends trophy grizzly bear hunting

这一原则重申原则4 - 让你找到并尊重你周围的性质是什么。在安全距离观察野生动物,不要打扰动物。做你最好保持至少100码从掠夺或大型游戏,像驼鹿或熊。而从其他野生动物,如鹿,麋鹿,狐狸或停留至少25码。旅游和平,不追求或接近你遇到的任何动物。请记住,你在他们家的客人!


7.Be Considerate of Other Visitors

KAVU brand with dogs

While you’re out and about, be mindful that other adventurers are doing the same. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want someone to do to you. Take breaks away from other travelers, unless you happen to make some friends on your journey. Keep yourdog on a leash, yield to other travelers, and don’t be too loud. Use common courtesy — it’s easy!

More About Leave No Trace

According to Leave No Trace’s website, the organization has reached over 15 million Americans and partnered with numerous companies such as REI, Jansport, YETI, Subaru, and many more to help spread the word about its mission. Leave No Trace looks to connect, educate, and protect through initiatives, training, research, and outreach.

You can find out more on its网站在这里.

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