仍然有大量的与late-seas位置on upland opportunities.有些州有去,直到一月底野鸡狩猎季节。鹌鹑在很多地方都开到二月,和赛季后期是追石鸡在西部的黄金时间。

Unfortunately, many hunters don’t end up taking advantage of these opportunities. Finding hunting grounds in an unfamiliar state and the prohibitive cost of private lodges and outfitters keep hunters from going on the late-season trip of their dreams. Fortunately, with a few resources, you can simplify your dream trip and hit the road for a reasonable price.


Find a State

The first step in hitting the road to hunt is figuring out which state to visit. The only limiting factor here is how far a hunter is willing to drive or fly and which places hold huntable populations of the desired game bird.

Pheasants & Quail Forever

如果你正在找雉,野鸡永远网站is a great place to start. Under the “hunt” tab of the site, there’s a page labeled “国家预测,” where you can see how bird numbers are doing in different states. The forecasts break down bird numbers county by county, which will help you pinpoint particular areas you should consider hunting.

Quail Foreveralso offers this on its website. The forecasts aren’t as detailed as those found on PF’s website, but they’ll give you a general idea of bird numbers and areas in the state to focus your attention on.



If you’re chasing other species — like bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge, or prairie chickens — finding states with high bird numbers will require more legwork.


I’ve found state biologists to be a fantastic, often underutilized resource. They’ve always been upfront and honest with me. If bird numbers are down, they let me know. They also tell me which counties hold the highest bird populations and about land access programs in areas I’m going to hunt.

Locate Areas to Hunt


The biggest setback out-of-state bird hunters face is finding places to hunt. You always hear upland hunters saying things along the lines of, “If you don’t have private access, there aren’t any good places to hunt here.” But permission to hunt private lands is difficult to obtain, and many places with the best hunting are virtually all privately owned.

Fortunately, most states recognize this and offer programs that allow hunter access to private lands. For example, Idaho has itsAccess Yes!程序,其中私人土地拥有者是由国家补偿允许在自己的私人土地的公共狩猎。许多国家提供了类似的计划。我猎杀在内布拉斯加州,华盛顿州,爱达荷州,犹他州,南达科他州和蒙大拿利用这些程序。

Do Your Research


When utilizing these programs, be sure that you follow all the rules and regulations. Often, hunters are required to register at a box or online before bird hunting. Each state has different guidelines that you should familiarize yourself with.

The first time I hunted in Washington State, I ran into a bit of a hiccup because many of the lands enrolled required advance notice. Moral of the story? Be sure to plan ahead.


ONX亨特Is Your Friend

The final tool I use when accessing private lands is theONX亨特应用程序。在与土地使用权的程序状态,ONX提供了“图层”会告诉你该地区参加了这个计划。对于无数据地图使用时,只需打开图层上下载地图为你打算追捕,同时连接到Wi-Fi领域。


Again, onX is a great resource to locate these areas.

Find Lodging


Lodging can be difficult to find in rural America, where hunters often find themselves. And traveling with dogs limits options even more. When hunting out of state, there are three lodging options I use: camping, rental properties located on sites such as Airbnb, and small hotels.


The cheapest lodging option is to pitch a tent and set up camp. If you’re out west, it’s not difficult to find a place to camp for free. National forests and BLM land allow you to set up shop wherever you’d like.

如果你是狩猎与小联邦土地领域,你可能要在指定的国家公园或其他国家管理领域支付少量费用营地。通常情况下,费用是每晚$ 10-20的任何地方。

However, before traveling, be sure the campground you plan to stay at is open. Some close in the fall, and many will be closed by the time the late season rolls around.


My favorite lodging option is rental properties onAirbnbandVrbo。很多人从这些租金回避,因为他们认为那里是租用整个家庭相关的高成本。

However, these rentals are usually much cheaper than hotels when splitting between three or more hunters. My buddies and I stayed in a home in Nebraska for 4 nights this November. It only cost us each $220 for the stay.

The best part was that we had an entire house. We had separate rooms, and there were two bathrooms. And don’t forget the biggest money-saver of all: access to a full kitchen.



Be relatively broad in your search. If there’s a particular county you’re looking at, don’t search just one town. Broaden the search on Vrbo and Airbnb to cover the entire county. Often, you’ll find the perfect setup for your trip.

Hotels & Motels

The biggest challenge with hotels and motels is the rules regarding our furry friends. Some places don’t allow pets at all, while others do for an additional charge.

Fortunately, in rural areas with high bird numbers, this is often a non-issue, as most hotels recognize that people are visiting to hunt. However, “dogs allowed” may not be as upfront as it seems. Some hotels offer separate outdoor kennels for dogs to stay in but don’t allow dogs in the hotel.


Most hotels in rural areas don’t offer a website that allows booking online. When searching for hotels online, I’ve found that prices usually aren’t listed. More often than not, you’ll be required to call the hotel to get pricing and book your stay.

Getting Licenses

Licensing is relatively easy and is something all hunters should be familiar with, but it’s always best to be thorough when hunting in a new state with unfamiliar laws.

很多时候,各国不仅需要狩猎证也是某种形式的保护/种邮票。水禽可能特别棘手。很多时候,你需要的不仅是一个federal duck stampbut also a state waterfowl stamp along with conservation stamps.

The key is to read the state’s hunting proclamation and be sure you understand everything in it. If you have any questions, call the state wildlife agency and ask. Nothing would ruin a trip more than getting into trouble because you missed something simple.



The late season is the perfect time to get out and chase upland birds in new places.

If your gun dog stares at the truck and game vests longingly, wishing for just another bird, do them a favor and hit the road. The dog deserves another point, flush, and retrieve. After all, its what they live for.

And who knows? You could very well find your new favorite trip.