Kelty pain relief CBD

kelty cbd?营地品牌潜入局部疼痛缓解

Known for value-oriented hardgoods for the campsite, Kelty breaks into the burgeoning world of CBD salves, creams, and sprays.

从漫长的一天背包厌倦了?到目前为止,kelty提供一系列营地椅,太阳色调,帐篷等,以帮助您放松和恢复。But now, the hardgoods brand known for providing respectable gear for those on a budget wants to appeal to your softer side — specifically, with balms and lotions to ease your aching muscles.

“At Kelty, we’re all about spontaneous adventures, getting outside, goofing around, and having fun,” said Russ Rowell, Kelty senior vice president and general manager. “Thanks to ournew CBD products,我们现在提供另一种帮助您更远,更高,更快的工具 - 并且在您做的时候更快地反弹。“

从今天开始,kelty用滚动的凝胶棒,膏,奶油,“太阳”乳液和两个喷雾剂 - 一个抗瘙痒,其他抗菌剂。但是,根据kelty的说法,真正的差异化是双重的:一切都是专门用于疼痛缓解,它使用美国制造的FDA批准的成分。

Kelty CBD:什么,为什么,怎么样?


“The surprise and intrigue we’re getting by launching CBD is not new to us, and we welcome it. We’ve been getting reactions like that for years, even as far back as when we started as a brand,” Rowell said. “At that time, a backpack brand that introduced sleeping bags was very surprising. People thought we should just stick with what we know. And now, we have one of the No. 1-selling sleeping bags on the market.”

He went on to say that Kelty plans to further evolve CBD within its offerings and make it “one of our core competencies.” For now, the brand proudly touts that its CBD products specifically relieve pain. And that’s thanks to its use of FDA-approved ingredients.


“You’ll look across CBD products and see ‘soothes this’ and ‘soothes that,’ but depending on the ingredients in the product, you can’t say this product relieves pain unless the ingredients are FDA-approved,” he told us. “We get to wear that stamp of approval using these ingredients.”

Kelty Pain-Relieving CBD

Kelty’s CBD debut includes six products — all 100% THC-free and non-psychoactive:

We will be sure to put Kelty’s pain-relief claims to the test as well — stay tuned.

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