2021 Juliana Furtado mountain bike

Conquering Queen: Juliana Furtado Mountain Bike Review

With modern geometry, a new shock placement, and a tune for lighter riders, if you’re looking for a playful and poppy quiver of one, and a tool for achieving your mountain biking goals and aspirations, throw a leg over the newest Juliana Furtado.

山地自行车是昂贵的,所以你可能想要一个可以做的一切好,with few if any compromises. If you’re a female rider who crushes everything trail, all-mountain, and enduro, take a serious look at this bike. And the Spicy Redwood color is a head-turner.

朱莉安娜已经有了Furtadoin its line since the brand launched in 1999. But when it launched the2021 Furtadothis season, Juliana blew the doors off prior iterations, as well as most other bikes, men’s or women’s, in the mid-travel range.


In short:朱莉安娜仓位自行车,XC和步道。我从跟踪定位它耐力赛。是比以前的版本更短的整体尺寸特异下叉,再加上放宽65度头管角度和27.5英寸的轮毂,使这个自行车俏皮的,灵活的登山者,并给它一个坚实的,种植的感觉上的技术,屁股过度茶壶陡下坡。

Juliana Furtado Mountain Bike Review

2021 Juliana Furtado mountain bike

朱莉安娜的Furtadouses the same frame and spec asSanta Cruz’s 5010, paired with suspension tuned for a lighter rider as well as a women’s saddle and grips.

Once I honed in on the settings, I was able to use all the suspension on rides where I didn’t want to leave anything on the table, without ever bottoming out.


As a confident and aggressive female rider, I often pass over women’s bikes and opt for men’s. Honestly, when I threw a leg over this bike, I immediately had doubts. It felt much shorter than I’m used to, and I envisioned myself OTB (over the bars) on the first technical move.

Within minutes, I forgot about the shorter reach and I was just having fun, ripping berms and boosting off little booters. It was delightfully easy to get this bike off the ground.

VPP suspension and the bike’s stable geometry gave me the confidence to tackle moves I had hesitated on with riding other bikes. The shorter reach centered me on the bike, so I never felt like the bike was getting ahead of me in corners, which gave me more control. Jumping, the bike was under me. I was never off the back.

“We believe that women don’t want to compromise real-world handling and want capable bikes that rip,” Keli Emmett, Juliana brand manager and former racer, told me.

“We custom tune our shocks for lighter-weight riders with increased adjustability and offer size XS for smaller riders. Our geometries have always been designed with a low standover height, and this helps shorter riders feel more confident.”

Juliana Furtado suspension

I had the pleasure of testing this bike in the highest spec, the carbonCC Furtado with an X01 build kit($6,899). It comes with SRAM’s 52-tooth rear cassette. While I didn’t need the super-granny, I used it regularly on steep and pedal-heavy 2- to 4-hour rides in the Vermont woods.

Wheels & Tires

As an eastern rider, I often swap tires immediately because many bikes have light tires that don’t do well in moist conditions. The Furtado, by contrast, comes specced with 2.4-inch Maxxis Minion DHRs front and rear, MaxxGRIP EXO TR in the front, and EXO TR in the back.





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Juliana: Mountain Bikes Made for Women


While other bike companies were relying on 1950s data that said women universally have short torsos and long legs as a basis for women’s models, Juliana used Santa Cruz frames from the beginning, gave them women’s-specific saddles and grips, and made them in smaller sizes and different colors.

我很欣赏朱莉安娜如何构建品牌 - 支持和自行车激励女性成长的运动。没有迎合,没有说话下来吧,没有告诉女人,我们应该有比我们男同事更小的自行车。他们不主张妇女有普遍不同的身体形状比男人莫名其妙地迫使一个奇怪的,正直的几何形状。

ThisFurtadouses the same frame asSanta Cruz’s new 5010(which was launched on the same day). But Juliana bikes have different touchpoints than their Santa Cruz equivalents, like women’s saddles and grips.

和茱莉安娜优化用于打火机骑手冲击曲调。虽然我沉重的震荡调整,也许更适合于男人的调教下,我从来没有觉得我累坏了这辆车的悬挂 - 或较轻的曲调损害我的车程。和小而轻的车手告诉我的曲调让他们得到最有效地利用这个自行车。

在5'7” ,我不一定朱莉安娜的目标市场。我舒适地适合一个男人的媒体框架上几乎每一个品牌。但作为一个女骑手谁爱骑,谁努力保持获得的技能和征服的障碍,我喜欢这辆车。

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