Bike Helmets Crushed: Hydraulic Press Smashes vwin徳赢网Cycling,Moto,和中世纪的盖子

While by no means scientific,it sure is fun to watch bike helmets crush beneath the pressure of a massive hydraulic press.Watch this YouTuber smash bike helmets and work his way to armored steel helmets.

Hydraulic Pressrose to YouTube famewith his cathartic and fascinating hydraulic press videos.To reiterate the non-scientific nature of this video,the maker does not prove which helmet is the strongest,as suggested by the video's title.

Bontrager WaveCel Review: Testing World's 'Safest' Bike Helmet

Massive claims of safety that exponentially outperform other helmets have raised controversy in the bike industry.We tested Bontrager's WaveCel helmet through city commutes and mountain trail rides to see how it looks,feels,and performs.Read more…

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