How to Change a Bike Tire Tube in 7 Steps


We’ve all been there. You’re biking along when suddenly something feels…wrong.You ran through glass or over a stray thorn, and now you have a flat tire. But your ride isn’t over yet. With a couple of simple tools and a bit of know-how, you’ll find it’s simple enough to replace your tube and get back on你的自行车


Tools You Need to Change a Flat Tire


  • A spare tube.请确保你有你的车轮大小合适的管子。将有两个数字来看看:直径和宽度,如29英寸和2英寸,分别。你应该能够找到你的轮胎,并在你的管(或管的盒子)这些数字。在紧要关头,你可以做一个大小下班(所以27.5英寸的管可适合任何一台26英寸或29英寸的轮毂),但一般有正确尺寸的备用管将使得过程变得更加容易。
  • An inflation deviceYou can carry a handheld pump with you, or if you’re changing your tube at home, you can use a floor pump. Alternatively, you can use a CO2 cartridge and inflator to quickly fill your tube. These canisters are smaller and easier to carry than a hand pump and do the job a lot quicker, although many people find that CO2 doesn’t last as long in your tires as normal air does. No matter what type of inflation device you use, make sure that it’s compatible with your valve type. The majority of tubes use either Presta or Schrader valves. Schrader valves are what most cars and motorcycles use, and Presta valves have a nut that needs to be loosened before you put the pump on it.
  • A tire lever.This is a small, easy-to-carry tool that’s a huge help when you go to remove the tire.
  • 补丁包。这一次也是可选的,但不错的,如果你忘了你的管或得到你的旅程多个单位(它吮吸,但它发生)。
  • A wrench/bike tool.If you do not have a quick release to remove your wheel, you likely need a wrench to undo the bolts. Or if you have theft-proof skewers, you’ll need special tools to undo them.

How to Change a Flat Tire

1. Remove the wheel.

flat bike tire
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Flip your bike upside down to make the process easier if you’re out and about. If you have a stand, or there’s a bike repair station nearby (common on many city bike trails), place your bike on it. If your wheel has a quick release, open the lever and unscrew the skewer (and make sure to catch whatever random springs or washers fall off).


If you have rim brakes (the ones that stop you by clamping onto your rims), you may have to unhook those to get the wheel off. If you’re taking off your back wheel and you have gears, it helps to shift to your highest gear so that your chain is on the smallest cog of your rear cassette, giving you a bit more room to maneuver as you lift your tire clear of the chain and rear derailleur.

2. Remove one side of the tire.




First, try to find where the hole is in the tube. (You can look for punctures on the exterior or listen or feel for air.) This will help you determine the cause of the flat so it doesn’t happen again. If the hole is on the inside of the tube, it’s likely because the rim tape — a strip of tape that goes along the inside of your rim — has shifted, exposing the spoke holes which can wear out your tube. If that happens, try to push the tape back in place.

Then, run your fingers小心沿着轮胎内侧,检查是否有尖锐的东西卡在那里。你不希望有再次修改你管一英里的道路主要是因为一直在你的轮胎的主食。只是要小心不要切你的手在开放的过程。

bike flat tire
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4. Replace the tube.


Next, put a little air in the new tube to make it easier to handle and put it in the tire, starting by putting the valve stem in place. Make sure it’s in straight; if it’s at an angle, there will be too much pressure on its base and it could tear the tube. If there’s a lock ring for the valve stem, screw it on now to keep the valve in place.



The wall of your tire should have a recommended psi that you will want to inflate your tube to match. It’s nice to line that info up with the valve stem so it’s easy to find when you’re airing up your tires in the future.

6. Air up the tire.



7. Replace the wheel.

fix bike flat
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Give the wheel a spin and make sure it spins smoothly. If not or if the brake is rubbing, your wheel may be on crooked.


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