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The benefits of running include everything from physical fitness to mental health. So why can it be so hard to do?

我常想,耐力是你要么有一个基因或者你没有。I thought I absolutely did not have the gene; running a mile was a challenge for me. And I mention this because many people who think they don’t have the endurance to run may — as I once did — think running is something they simply can’t do.

But most everyone can and should run. That said, it isn’t always easy. As I decided to pick up running as a hobby, I definitely hit some bumps in the road. No runner enjoys feeling out of breath or struggling to breathe while they run.

要回答如何呼吸,同时运行的问题,我跟从美国各地的一些认证的教练 - 娜塔莉·赛特,里克King和Jim鹧鸪 - 对一些专家的意见。他们还提供了如何成为一个更好的,更一致的亚军一些有益的提示。


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Natalie Dorset, personal running coach at New York City’sThe Laughing Runner,noted that this should be the first item on your to-do list before picking up running. It’s important to consult a doctor before beginning any new exercise routine. They’ll be able to determine if you have any pre-existing conditions or health concerns.


With proper knowledge, you can handle any problems that might arise. Always consult a doctor about the potential impact of exercise on any existing health conditions and ask about any potential risks.

Warm Up Before Working Out

warm-up so you can breath while running


热身准备的活动提前肌肉。根据哈佛医学院,properly warming up “pumps nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to your muscles as it speeds up your heart rate and breathing.” Some examples of a warm-up routine could be walking, dynamic stretches, or a light jog for around 5-15 minutes.


Start with a slow base pace to build on throughout the run. “The more of a base you build with slow runs, the greater your lung capacity will be,” Dorset said. “It’s okay to take your time with building a good base; it’ll make you a better athlete in the long run.”

The beginning is what sets the tone for the rest of the run. If you start at an unsustainable pace, your body will quickly wear out. And that’s when breathing problems arise. Don’t take this tip lightly. This is one of the most important things I learned about controlling my breathing while running.

根据running coachRick Kingof Escalon, California, one way to ensure a slow enough start is to focus on short strides and comfortable breathing.


多塞特郡也提供了一个优秀的自检卫理公会教徒d. Choose a song (she recommended “The Brady Bunch” theme song) and see how fluidly you can sing it. Then assess your breathing rate based on the following:

  • 正常的呼吸:你可以唱不间断的轻松。
  • Comfortable breathing:你可以唱出来,但你必须考虑一下。
  • Noticeable breathing:You have to pause while singing.
  • Strong effort breathing:Singing is difficult.
  • Very strong effort breathing:你可以勉强拿到这首歌了快速呼吸之间。

Aim to be in between normal and comfortable breathing when beginning your run. With time, endurance will improve and breath rate will stay the same.

Create a Breathing-to-Stride Rhythm

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King said he uses this technique with his beginner and advanced runners. “Learn to measure breaths by footfalls. It [will be] a lot easier to adjust your stride length and breathing rate,” he said. “[You] won’t get frustrated by how fast or slow you think you’re going.”

To do this, count how many steps you take on both each inhale and on each exhale. “Ideally, for a long, slow workout run, you will be doing three to five steps on the inhale, and then another three to five steps on the exhale,” said King.

Choose a Rhythmic Running Playlist

如果找到节奏真的是你的挑战,我会觉得跑步的节拍让我在一个良好的步伐。有一个running playlist可以帮助你找到你的节奏。

Here is a Spotify playlist by Runner’s World that I really enjoy:


This playlist incorporates strong beats that are easy to keep in time with:


Runner’s World also creates new playlists every month and has a great selection of other playlists for running:


What to Do When Gasping for Breath


  • 放慢你的呼吸。王建议放慢通过减少你的步幅,去的速度,你可以有一个谈话。赛特说深,慢慢地呼吸,一边想着事情平静的。
  • 休息一下。散步或慢跑,如果你真的出了一口气。这样做可以帮助您重新获得控制呼吸。
  • Stop and put your hands over your head.The elevated arm position will open your diaphragm and allow better air circulation.

Just Breathe


When I contactedJim Partridge,a running coach in Bend, Oregon, he directed me to his latestInstagram post— a picture of a dragon with the words: “How should a runner breathe? It’s not magic.” I found this post hilarious but also realized the truth it held.