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Gopro Labs固件更新提供更多方法来启动(和停止)其摄像机。与其实验室中创建的其他功能一样,它们已经取决于每个用户的影响。

冒险爱好者现在可以控制他们的GoPro相机,from conserving the battery to dumbing down the recording process. After all, most action shots require paying attention to other things.


We can envision new end uses, particularly with the motion triggers. Hunters can use a GoPro like a game camera; skateboarders or bikers can set up a camera and have it record only when they’re in the frame.


Inevitably, someone will capture wild dashcam footage thanks to a new USB-powered activation. Or prevent accidental mode changes and camera shot snafus with a one-button mode. Here’s everything new.

New GoPro Capabilities

The GoPro Labs firmware works with the HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, and GoPro MAX. Here are the details:

  • Camera motion triggers:An accelerometer and/or gyroscope triggers the start/stop capture upon sensing motion.
  • USB power triggers:Enables USB-triggered start/stop functions like serving as a dashcam.
  • Motion-detection enhancements:Motion detection is now supported in all video modes, including 360-degree motion detection on MAX.
  • Simplified livestreaming QR code:Start livestreaming once connected to a designated Wi-Fi network.
  • Single-setting one-button mode:A one-button mode where the operator can only start/stop capture to avoid accidental mode changes.
  • New exposure modes:设置定时曝光锁和最小快门速度设置。
  • New QR code controls:QR code controls in 5K and HindSight capture for HERO9 Black.

Again, some of these features are updates to newer models and firmware, but the ability to further customize settings, and save them, will unlock more possibilities for the brand’s creative users. Perhaps to hurry up some new uses, the brand is inviting users to compete in its Anything Awesome Challenge, with cash rewards as more incentive.

新固件与英雄9黑色,英雄黑色,英雄7黑色和Gopro Max兼容。它可以下载在, which has more information on these and previous experimental updates.

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