Will He Fall? Mountain Biker Tests Balance on ‘Skinnies’

Geoff Gulevich is a professional freeride mountain biker. Still, these on-trail stunts are wicked impressive.

“We’re about to get into the sweet skinnies,” Gulevich narratesas he steers down Upper Oilcan in the popular North Shore area in Vancouver, British Columbia. And by “skinnies,” he means really, really thin sections of log, wood, or ledge.

Gulevich makes technical and chilling riding look effortless — almost. There are a fewooh-hooandyikesmoments. Forprofessional riders, skinnies require a great style of technical riding that focuses on the features, not grade or speed.

“Gonna go slower than normal today, it’s pretty wet, and I don’t really feel likelanding on my face,” Gulevich says on his way down. In this 3-minute edit, he conquers uphill skinnies, downhill skinnies, rocky skinnies, and more. Of course, for him, this “practice” run is par for the course.

Ah, the sweet skinnies: Fun for most, terrifying for everyone. Let this technical and flowy North Shore ride be an inspiration to us all.

Geoff Gulevich rides a Focus SAM squared and films with a chest-strappedGoPro Max.

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