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Hype or Holy Grail? Brooks ‘Gravity Defying’ Aurora-BL Running Shoes

With its latest road running shoe, Brooks promises a ‘weightless and effortless run.’ We tested this wild-looking Aurora-BL for some first impressions.

Perhaps no industry innovates — and imagines — new product ideas like the footwear industry does.Once upon a time, an air pump on the tongue promised better vertical. Then lights in the heels became all the rage until wheels in the soles stole the limelight.

And then minimalist, no-cushion running shoes, then foot-shaped “Five Fingers,” and then back to ultracushion running shoes … The list. Goes. On.

今天,布鲁克斯stakes its own claim in the world of running shoe tech: nitrogen-infused foam. By doing this, the century-old running brand claims its latest product, the极光-BL.,更轻,“比以往更加敏感”。


In short: Nitrogen, shmitrogen — unless you run in the most expensive shoes on the planet more than 50 miles a week, you won’t feel lighter than air (which, by the way, is mostly nitrogen). But that doesn’t mean布鲁克斯没有创造一个坚实的跑鞋。


Photo credit: Sean McCoy


随着鞋类所关注的,我们正在速度时代。在耐克的蒸发器4%之后帮助Eliud Kipchoge打破了2小时的马拉松障碍(以及一批跑步者和精心计划的课程),霍卡和Asics等品牌已经进入了他们自己的挑战者的速度冠。

But where those brands pinned their title hopes to carbon, Brooks eyed a different element.

“We injected the极光cushion with nitrogen for euphoric strides,” the brand said. By pumping the most abundant gas in Earth’s atmosphere into the midsole, Brooks aimed to make landings lighter and more responsive.



Brooks Aurora-Bl跑步鞋首次看审查




  • 目的:路跑
  • Weight (sample size):8.5盎司。(男性)/ 7.6盎司。(女性的)
  • 降低:6 mm
  • 价格:$200


First, the lacing. The极光comes with pleasantly tacky, soft laces that bite well when tied. And the tongue has a very clever offset eyelet on the tongue to that helps prevent slippage (a common annoyance in some shoes).

Fit & Feel

We haven’t logged enough miles to know how breathable these uppers are. But they are, like everything else on the Aurora, unorthodox. While knit uppers have made a big splash in modern running shoe uppers, the Aurora has a translucent, plasticine construction.


We also did not stomp through puddles — so take note: the极光不作为防水或防水销售。


Photo credit: Sean McCoy

严格来说,布鲁克斯极光doesn’t provide a mind-blowing running experience. The nitrogen-infused midsole does not feel markedly lighter or softer than other modern running shoes.

But do they make you feel faster? Actually, yes — a little. The most noticeable tech in this shoe, from our test, was the decoupled sole. This really did create a more fluid, natural feel in running stride and footfall/takeoff.


Still, this was a first run, and we haven’t broken them in. So we can’t pin any issues strictly to the shoes; we will continue to log miles and update as we get better acquainted.


同样,布鲁克斯极光-BL.feels like a shoe for the runner you want to be, not just the runner you are. Lace ‘em up and look down; you will want to take off at a record clip.

你可以买布鲁克斯极光-BL beginning on June 10, 2021 — in women’s and men’s — for $200.


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