New Favorite Fixed-Blade Knife: Meet the Ka-Bar BK16


If you have been into fixed blades for a whileor you know anything about knife designer Ethan Becker, this next statement won’t be a surprise. TheKa-Bar BK16是最好的固定叶片不管是价格,你可以买一个。无论出于何种原因,我刚开始四处尽管近审查它300 glowing reviews on Amazon.


Designed as a jack-of-all-trades camp knife, the BK16 sports a roughly 4-inch drop-point blade of 1095 Cro-Van steel. Ka-Bar’s heat treat on this steel has long been recognized as excellent, and my experience with it confirms this conventional wisdom. The handles are fully contoured, FRN-style plastic.

The sheath is a typical (read: bland but serviceable) nylon model with a plastic blade insert. Check out the full specs (from my measurements) in the table below.

Ka-Bar BK16 KnifeSpecs

  • Blade length:4.375″
  • 刀片高度:1.1875″
  • Handle length:4.5″
  • Blade thickness:0.1875″ (3/16″)
  • Overall length:8.875“
  • Weight (without sheath):6.32 oz.
  • Weight (with sheath):9.40 oz.
  • Blade steel:黑色涂装1095克罗马范
  • Price:街75 - 90美元的价格取决于零售商

Ka-Bar BK16: Simply a Great Knife

There are two aspects of the BK16 that make it an all-time great.

First, this is a knife that makes zero design mistakes. The blade steel is just the right thickness. A flat grind reduces it to a sharp but not too thin cutting edge. The handle shape is perfect, inviting the hand, affording great control, and possessing zero hot spots.

The blade shape is both aesthetically pleasing and quite useful. It has just enough belly for roll cuts and the right amount of straightaway for chopping and slicing. The sheath isn’t great, but that’s pretty standard for production fixed blades. Unfortunately, the market is such that you should expect to replace a sheath if you buy a fixed blade.

Some fixies, like my $600 Busse, don’t even come with one.



This leads to the second reason theBK16 is a great knife: Knife knuts and the secondary market have really embraced it as a platform for modification. You can get custom handle scales, custom sheaths, and all sorts of other upgrades. There are multiple tutorials online for stripping the coating and even a few about giving the uncoated steel a high-end finish. The customization options are endless.

As it comes out of the box, theBK16slices well and yet can still baton through wood. Its balance point is right at the place where your index finger rests on the handle, making it feel lithe in the hand. Finally, the 1095 steel holds an edge moderately well, sharpens easily, and gets screaming sharp.

的最好的部分Ka-Bar BK16 is its price — around $65 to $75. It’s sometimes hard to find, and sellers upgrade handles for a bit more money. But at this price, you can get the knife and still have money left over for a custom sheath.