First Look: Bivy Stick Launches Lightest Satellite Device Yet


A big reasonwhy we are drawnto the backcountry is a sense of freedom. Wide-open plains and canyons, fresh mountain air, and bigger outdoor spaces. But sometimes, being off-grid for weeks or months isn’t safe — or feasible. Enter satellite devices: both a comfort and a life-saving necessity.

This week, Bivy Stick launches its new satellite communicator: the一个营地棒蓝。我们看一看在所有版本2中所做的新功能和改进,最重要的是,测试它离网。

In short:一个营地棒蓝($350) is one of the smallest and lightest on the market (weighing 3.3 ounces). It comes packed with features to help you navigate and communicate off-grid, and it has even better integration with the brand’s app than ever before.


If you spend time in the backcountry outside of cell service,a satellite communication deviceis pretty necessary. You can send a quick message letting your loved ones know that you arrived at your destination. In the case of bad weather or an accident, you can have SAR help dispatched immediately.

Bivy Stick spent a lot of time making some really important changes to get from the first version (useful but clunky) to this one. The brand put a premium on two things: the device’s integration with the app and its smaller construction, which is immediately evident by looking at both versions side by side.

BivyStick versions 2.0 and 1.0

It’s even lighter than the diminutive 3.5-ounce Garmin inReach Mini. But the real value of Bivy (besides being a safety device that can facilitate rescue) lies in its真棒应用程序接口。我们测试的原型与去年年底在该领域的应用,早在今年春天一起。


该Bivy Stick is great for both weekend warriors and hardcore adventurers. And the database of documented routes with trail info and reviews makes it accessible for beginners, too.


Personally, the feature I was most impressed with on the device was its accessibility — both the actual device and the app. The interface doesn’t take long to learn how to use, and being able to send your GPS location and a text in a single message (meaning you are using fewer credits) is very cool.


First, download the Bivy Stick app. This gives you the ability to connect the device to your phone to send messages, access your contacts directly from the app (so you don’t have to type in digits) and, best of all, let you access area maps, tracking, and more.

该maps offer interactive features like marking waypoints, adding notes, and providing reviews.



  • 4.3 x 1.8 x 0.8 in.
  • 3.35盎司
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Power button, signal status, and message status indicators
  • 提手与包括安装,织带,和登山扣
  • 救援网络:全球救援(通过铱星网络)
  • Bluetooth-connecting app with over 1,000 adventures in 16 countries
  • 设备价格:$350
  • 基本计划价格:$18 per month (includes basic message credits)

价格对比:该price for the Bivy Stick is comparable to both theGarmin inReach MiniandSomewear Hotspot.你必须要支付Bivy messaging plan ($18 minimum),which provides roughly the same number of messages and features as several competitors. However, when compared directly, the Bivy is cheaper because there are no activation fees or annual contracts.

虽然SPOT Xcarries a cheaper purchase price, when you add in contracts and activation fees, the Bivy can save money over the long term.



该status lights that tell you if and when a message is sent is a valuable feature — especially if it’s an emergency — that I hadn’t considered before.

Notes and Drawbacks






Final Thoughts on the New Bivy



Given the price and abundance of features, the Bivy Stick is a great tool to have in your pack. We know we’re looking forward to testing out the Bivy 2.0 on a variety of adventures in the future.