Eddie Bauer 2019 BC Uplift Sandstone Gear Test

‘First Ascent' Impresses: Eddie Bauer Improves Ultralight 2019 Alpine Shells

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PeTeX织物"super-DWR," and featherweight construction: Eddie Bauer's First Ascent climbing releases for spring 2019 clearly show the brand wants to compete with the best of the best.

"Should baselayers have thumb loops?Should gloves have clips so you don't lose them?Should gloves have tight cuffs or gauntlets?" IFMGA-certified guide Kent McBride puzzles these questions regularly.McBride and the rest of Eddie Bauer's professional guide team debate these vwin真人荷官topics for hours — and it shows.

On an exclusive trip to the Tetons last fall,埃迪鲍尔showed vwin徳赢网GearJunkie its spring 2019 line.The two main releases for the season were climbing shells.之间BC隆起以及BC Sandstone Stretch,Eddie Bauer is clearly marketing for a high-end athlete user group and outdoor-professional clientele.

We tested the Sandstone and Uplift for an abbreviated 3 days,but the Tetons gave us plenty of testing weather.And the shells proved dialed pieces for climbers: minimal,轻量级的,建造良好。

But beyond the testing,we got an inside look at how Eddie Bauer views gear and how it produces such high-quality pieces for a low price point.

Eddie Bauer 2019: Sandstone & Uplift Shells

Instead of releasing new items for spring 2019,Eddie Bauer updates two existing First Ascent pieces.这个砂岩is a windproof climbing shell with stretchy,耐用织物。And the Uplift is a 20K/20K waterproof-breathable alpine climbing shell.

Eddie Bauer 2019 Gear Test

Over the past few years,Eddie Bauer has steadily released products under the第一次攀登umbrella that impress us time and again.The two shell updates add to Eddie Bauer's impressive mountain-sports line.

6.3盎司,the BC Uplift is Eddie Bauer's lightest waterproof shell intended for moving fast and light.It uses a 2.5-layer Pertex Shield shell with Eddie Bauer's "super-DWR" treatment.This means the DWR will last after numerous at-home launderings and water will still bead off,according to the brand.

The Uplift packs into its own pocket,so you can throw it into a pack without feeling extra weight and pull it out when a surprise storm rolls through.

与此同时,the Sandstone Stretch is a burlier,透气的,three-layer waterproof/windproof shell for alpine environs.It's soft to the touch,安静的,and lets you grab holds without any restriction.

Recipe for Success: ‘Guide Built' Eddie Bauer Gear

The North Face sends athletes去南极洲to put up first ascents.Patagonia's ambassadors win100英里赛跑and espouse their environmental views.But Eddie Bauer isn't necessarily known for its athletes.相反,the brand prides itself on being a "guide built" brand.

Eddie Bauer 2019 BC Uplift Sandstone Gear Test
IFMGA guide Kent McBride belays in front,Exum guide Chris Figenshau sits in the back

Spending time with McBride in the Tetons,I could see the appeal of trusting guides with gear feedback.By guiding clients,they gain insight into how consumers use gear.

"The biggest difference,in terms of why we opted to focus on guides,is that guides aren't just doing their own thing," said Charlie Berg,First Ascent product manager."They have to look out for not just the highest-end user,but more the everyday user,狂热者。So we think guides have a very clear idea of what works for their client."

Between both 2019 shells,guides Kent McBride,Melissa ArnotCaroline George,Katie Lambertand Adrian Ballinger tested the gear.

Teton Test: First Ascent Uplift & Sandstone Jackets

在提顿,we pitted the shells against a gamut of piss weather.We received 5 inches of snow and seven pitches of mostly dry rock in 3 days.

Eddie Bauer 2019 BC Uplift Sandstone Gear Test
Chris Figenshau follows the last pitch of Baxter's Pinnacle

The BC Uplift feels durable for being such a lightweight shell.太频繁了,I feel nervous wearing ultralight gear for fear of tearing it.In the short term,this piece held up.

The exterior has a waxy finish,and there weren't any superfluous features or clips to distract me.It certainly kept me dry,and I barely noticed it in my pack.Stuffed into its own interior pocket,the Uplift takes up about as much space as a tennis ball.

Once it really started dumping on the way to Disappointment Peak,I put the BC Uplift on and climbed without distraction to the top.

就其本身而言,the Sandstone proved great for keeping me warm during a windy two-pitch route after it stopped raining/misting.The bottom of the route had sections of wide off-width crack,a perfect test for durability.I shoved my hands and arms into the rock as I struggled up the route.

之后,the Sandstone didn't show any signs of wear,aside from some stains from the rock.The Sandstone weighs 11.6 ounces and costs $279.

After our initial test,the shells impressed me.But between the two,the BC Uplift was the clear standout.With a 20K/20K waterproof-breathable rating and weight under 7 ounces,I'd expect it to cost much more than its $199 retail price.

Eddie Bauer First Ascent Innovates in 2019

Eddie Bauer 2019 Gear Test
If this isn't testing weather,I don't know what is.

2017,Eddie Bauer released theEvertherm Jacket, a vwin徳赢网GearJunkie Gear of the Year pick for that year.And last summer,it made updates to its bombproof喀塔巴克的four-season expedition tent.

这个BC隆起BC砂岩add to Eddie Bauer's impressive list of gear releases under the First Ascent line.And both hit shelves this spring.

Thanks to its trusty formula of guide testing,我想象埃迪鲍尔will continue to impress with each gear release.

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