回顾Caldorado 2户外极端防水跑步鞋


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行业第一,Columbia Sportswear launched a shoe made with a thin waterproof material from its jacket and outerwear line.

Review Caldorado II Outdry Extreme Waterproof Running Shoes
Caldorado II户外极限;all photos by Sean McCoy

新的春天,a trail-running shoe from Columbia Montrail stands apartwith thin uppers and a "permanent beading surface" where water beads and rolls off.我们把Caldorado II Outdry Extreme进行潮湿天气测试。

在某些情况下:大多数防水透气的跑鞋在鞋帮内有一个层压的“靴筒”,可以挡水。由Gore-Tex或其他防水透气面料制成,the bootie is sewn inside the other fabrics that constitute the shoe.


Stark-white and minimal in build,哥伦比亚运动服公司的夹克系列将在2017年上市时撼动户外产业。Read more…

哥伦比亚Montrail(鞋匠Montrail的更名)采用与Caldorado II户外极限不同的方法,putting its waterproof-breathable face fabric to use.This shoe stays dry from the outside-in.

我测试了这双鞋几个月,包括在科罗拉多州的雨天和雪地里,as well as during a Columbia-sponsored trip in Europe with several other members of the media.

Permanent Beading Surface

回顾Caldorado 2户外极端防水跑步鞋

户外极限是一种新型防水透气面料。织物具有“永久珠面”,质地坚韧,yet breathable like Gore-Tex.It requires noDWRand cannot "wet out," meaning water will not absorb into the outer fabric.

Caldorado II是该技术在跑鞋中的首次应用。从初始测试开始,它起作用了。

评论:哥伦比亚蒙特利尔Caldorado II鞋

哥伦比亚蒙特利尔有两个版本的卡尔多拉多二世。这个Caldorado II($120) weighs in at 10.4 oz.and has a breathable mesh upper.这个Caldorado II Outdry Extreme(155美元)防水透气,重11.4盎司。for a men's 9.5.

回顾Caldorado 2户外极端防水跑步鞋
卡尔多拉二世,left,and Caldorado II Outdry Extreme

We've been testing these two shoes for months,and are impressed with the overall design.鞋帮和外底,which is identical in both models,is a nice middle-of-the-road design for trail running,徒步旅行,and daily wear.

该品牌吹捧“流体泡沫”鞋垫-高密度的EVA-为良好的支持。The neutral 19mm-11mm heel-toe drop falls right in the sweet spot of current running shoes.

回顾Caldorado 2户外极端防水跑步鞋

In testing,在我的箭袋里,这些已经成为我的最爱了。Both models are reasonably light (10.4/11.4 ounces) for a size 9.5 men's model,也可以在女人的最后.

The 4mm outsole lugs work well on everything from rock and dirt to snow,而鞋帮为足部提供了绝佳的支撑。I found these secure and fairly precise for foot placements on tricky terrain,但不至于窄到让我的大脚不舒服。

Running in the non-waterproof Caldorado II over the past months,I've come to really like it as a daily runner for my standard five-mile training runs.我还没有在长跑中尝试过,but will look to it as I progress into the running season.

评论:Caldorado II Outdry Extreme($155)

增加Outdry Extreme使卡尔多拉多二世成为一个寒冷天气的野兽。While I've only had the opportunity to test it for the past month,it's already proven an effective tool for wet,cold,邋遢的天气

Outry Extreme模型没有网格上部。相反,表面有橡胶感,防水透气。It does not have anyDWR.相反,the surface permanently beads water as a true waterproof face.

回顾Caldorado 2户外极端防水跑步鞋

户外极端材料与更传统的防水透气层压板。First,防水层位于鞋帮材料的最外层,鞋材,not just the foot,有防水保护。Thus,当你艰难地穿过水坑时,它不会变得更重。

第二,because there is more material between the waterproof membrane and the foot,there is more space for moisture to move before vapor moves through the membrane.在完全理论层面上,这似乎能让脚部保持干燥。It's difficult to compare with more traditional designs,but these shoes do seem to stay fairly dry on runs in cold weather.


更防水的夹克,lighter weight,and no more "wetting out"...本月,戈尔公司的一批新夹克和一项新的薄膜技术可能会彻底改变硬壳类产品。Read more…

The Caldorado II Outdry Extreme is a pretty warm shoe for running.即使是在长途旅行的日子(比如最近去欧洲的航班)穿着,they started to feel hot.

I would not recommend these for hot weather running.Choose the non-waterproof version for warm,dry weather.Also,it's worth noting that any waterproof material is less breathable than non-waterproof mesh.If your feet tend to sweat a lot,在一定距离内,你可能会压倒透气性。全天跑步也有可能压倒防水鞋。

They're a great tool,just don't look to them as a one-size solution for moisture management.



到目前为止,so good.vwin徳赢网GearJunkie will update this section as we put more miles on this model.


Caldorado II是一款非常好的鞋,哥伦比亚蒙特利尔.许多跑步者都会记住并尊重Montrail的名字。母公司的联合品牌是一个新的举措,可以促进更好的分销在北美。

回顾Caldorado 2户外极端防水跑步鞋

在接下来的一年里,我们将重点关注哥伦比亚蒙特利尔铁路公司的几个新产品。Running tights,夹克,配件,而且,鞋子将为跑步者提供品牌的从头到脚选择。

对于温暖天气的跑步者,theCaldorado II($120) is a solid new option that should suit many athletes.Caldorado II户外运动极限(155美元)虽然更专业,对于那些将英里数推过冰冻地带的人来说,这是一个令人兴奋的新选择,sloppy,或潮湿的小径。

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