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Electric Grinder: Canyon Grail:ON Gravel E-Bike Review


随着对接入与上道影响的争论上穿,山地电动自行车继续奋斗验收在美国与此同时,消防道路、土路、和公路remain fair game. And that’s the terrain that Canyon’s single-chainring, Bosch Performance-powered Grail:ON electric gravel bike was made for.

Canyon says that “e-gravel” is about using the extra power of a motor to add a new dimension to everyday rides, that it lets commuters and city cyclists get where they’re going faster. But it also gives them oomph enough to get away with an off-grid adventure in a matter of hours, not days.

简而言之:The Grail:ON represents a new category of bikes, gravel e-bikes, that skip back and forth across the fun-functional line. They work just as well for an assisted escape into the woods as for commuting or running errands.

The bike was a pleasure to ride, with and without the pedal assist turned on. For gravel, a top assist level of 20 mph was generally good enough. But when we popped out onto hardpacked or paved surfaces, we wished for more juice. It’s a bike that will surprise and delight any rider, and help those who want to explore reach beyond their perceived limits.


A sister bike to Canyon’s race-y double-decker handlebar Grail, theGrail:ON有一些相同的签名功能:悬停栏和冲击吸收片簧座管,例如。但两辆自行车的几何形状是不同的。

The carbon fiber Grail:ON has a longer wheelbase than the original Grail, with 50mm Schwalbe G-One Bite tires for traction on uneven terrain, especially when your bike is heavier and your travel receives a motor boost.


The bike’s DT Swiss HG series wheels are specifically designed and built for e-gravel, with stainless steel spokes and steel-reinforced hubs that withstand the motor’s torque. Hydraulic disc brakes use 160mm rotors in the front but can be retrofitted with an adapter to fit 180mm rotors for even more braking power.

Canyon's Grail:ON

Bosch’s CX Gen4 drive system offers up even power, with 85 Nm of torque that gives riders up to 340% support over their own muscle. That support proves delightfully punchy, which makes for an addictive “just-one-more-burst” riding experience.

Canyon & Bosch: Powerful Combination


The support curves are not as progressive, and in some modes they are linear. Higher power modes feel similar to what a rider would experience on an eMTB, and the lower modes have noticeably less surge.


Honestly, I felt a little guilty as I scooted along mellow climbs and up steep, punchy tracks, even when I wasn’t passing other riders. And I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face when I cruised through the Vermont countryside. In fact, this bike encouraged me to take the long way.

Knowing I had the extra power of the motor and battery behind me inspired me to explore all the side routes on one ride, some of which I’d been looking at for years but had never made the time to pedal.



The Grail:ON has four riding modes. In all, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. The two highest support settings, Turbo and Sport, serve up big helpings of power at higher cadences. Meanwhile, the two lower settings are cadence-neutral, with consistent support at any cadence.

Most of the time when I wanted assist, I opted for Turbo mode. This got me where I wanted to go as quickly as possible. I also found myself turning off the motor for long stretches. The 32-pound bike was not merely manageable, it was super fun to ride without assist.

当我打的山丘上,我会用我的双层拇指的快速点击其启动栏式遥控器,并远离我去。对于站立和登山,旅游和运动模式,更好地工作 - 我很少使用生态。由于有强大的骑自行车的人,我更喜欢驾驶自行车用我自己的力量,虽然这种模式可能是谁在或​​者使用该自行车打造健身或者是不是日常骑手有用的人。

Grail-ON Landscape

Comfort & Control

With seven frame sizes (2XS to 2XL), riders from 5’1” to 6’5” should fit this bike. As a 5’7” rider, I was on a size small; usually, I ride a 52-54cm frame. Small, XS, and 2XS roll-on 650b wheels to maintain nimble handling and proper geometry. The Grail:ON’s more relaxed and upright riding position further increases comfort.

相比原来的圣杯,它有一个种族-Y感觉,Grail:ONhas a significantly longer wheelbase, which makes the bike more stable. The tires are the same width as an XC MTB tire, with more gravel-appropriate tread that was fun, not sluggish, on pavement.

在自行车上,我是在一个更正直和放松position than I was on the Grail. I had good control, and it was easy to keep my eyes on the road or trail before me.



Inspired by mountain bike geometry and kinematics, the bike uses a short stem and wide bars, making the steering quick and helping you keep the bike under control.



峡谷的圣杯:ON 1级的法拉利

自行车具有范围高达68英里运动模式从500wH电池和最大电机的辅助高达20英里 - 在美国类1电动自行车的法律限制,根据峡谷。


That brings us to our only gripe with this bike. It’s a class 1 instead of a class 3, which means its max assist speed is just under 20 mph. That felt too slow. Matthew Leake, Canyon’s road and brand marketing manager, told me that the Bosch motor and battery in theGrail:ONis like having a Ferrari engine in a Mini Cooper. He was spot-on.


But when the road started to climb again and I dropped enough speed for the assist to engage, I kinda felt like I lost my flow. So I just hammered to keep the momentum I had.

Canyon's Grail-ON Grail-ON Battery



“There’s a similar surge of interest in e-bikes happening right now,” Zach Vestal, Niner marketing manager, told me. “New riders are adopting e-bikes in record numbers. And the stigma of pedal-assist bikes among elite and enthusiast cyclists is fading. E-bikes will never replace pedal bikes, but they have an undeniable place in the pantheon of pedal-powered, two-wheeled experience.”

Grail-ON Sunset

Meanwhile, John Cordoba, Specialized road and gravel product manager, took it a step further: “As gravel is growing, we see e-gravel with even more potential to bring new riders in. In the U.S., there’s a larger acceptance for drop-bar e-road and gravel bikes, so it’s definitely a wider range of riders here that are buying the bike for commuting and gravel riding.”

Since the onset of COVID-19, e-bikes have seen an unprecedented surge. With public transit and ride-sharing off limits or severely restricted, Vestal said that the imperative for e-bikes as a mode of transportation, not just recreation, is more urgent than ever.

Canyon's Grail-ON Town

According to the latestNPD的数字, Electric bike sales were up 84% in March, 92% in April, and 137% in May in the U.S.

“We’re excited to see what happens,” Leake said. ”A lot of how you use this bike will come down to where you live. It’s a versatile commuter during the week that also maximizes fun when you want to escape into nature. It’s a nascent category.”


  • Grail:ON CF 8:$5,799
  • Grail:ON CF 8 eTap:$6,999