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The Best Camping Hatchets of 2021


While there are a million ways to camp and as many tools for the job,there is a solid case to be made for keeping things simple and maintaining some traditional approaches to this classic activity.

It’s not hard to find camping destinations that have cell phone service or will deliver cords of wood to your campfire, but what’s the fun in that? Whether you need a tool to pound tent stakes, split wood, or are looking for a survival axe in case of emergency, take a look at our list of the best camping hatchets of 2021.

If this will be your first camping hatchet, visit ourbuyer’s guideandFAQbelow to learn more. Or if you’re looking for a specific type of hatchet, feel free to jump to that category using our list:

The Best Camping Hatchets of 2021

总体上最好:Morakniv Boron Steel


Morakniv made a name for themselves by creating sharp, strong, and beautiful knives in Ostnor, Sweden, for over 400 years. With such history, it’s no surprise that their Boron Steel Camping Axe ($60) is our pick for the best overall camping hatchet.

While this hatchet is light enough to use for both car camping and backpacking adventures, its weight does not compromise performance when splitting smaller pieces of wood around the fire. Although the Morakniv is not a heavy-duty winter axe, it’s an excellent option for chopping smaller pieces of wood to build fires around camp.

The exceptionally sharp blade makes this hatchet a perfect tool for bushcraft projects — from building shelters to carving intricate designs into wood. The reinforced plastic handle holds up to most projects. And, it helps keep weight down if you decide to keep this handy tool by your side on longer backcountry expeditions.

The limited lifetime warranty provides excellent insurance if you plan on putting this hatchet to use.

  • 重量:17.6 oz.
  • Length:12.6″
  • Lightweight yet strong design
  • 锋利的刀片为分裂木材和丛林术而言都是优秀的
  • Affordable price point with limited lifetime warranty included
  • 低质量的斧头护套
  • 难以砍伐更大的日志
  • Questions regarding handle durability

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Best Budget:Fiskars X7

fiskars x7 axe

如果钱很紧,那么看起来不比fiskars(34美元)。像Morakniv一样,Fiskars已经在业务中多年来一直赢得了强大的声誉。Fiskars Hatchet持有这种长期的传统和提供商买家买家一系列经济实惠的选择,以保持营地或扔进背包的冒险。

The Fiskars hatchet is well-built to split wood into kindling and is best suited for small to medium-sized logs. This light and portable hatchet has a sharp blade out of the box.

However, it does require a bit more regular maintenance than other hatchets on our list. Still, the power behind the axe head is strong enough to handle most basic splitting needs, and the light weight allows users to increase chopping speed.

The Fiskars engineers created this hatchet with affordability in mind, and it truly performs without costing an arm and a leg.

  • 重量:22.4 oz.
  • Length:16.5″
  • 高度实惠
  • Suitable for splitting kindling or small logs
  • Relatively lightweight design
  • Best suited for small to medium-sized logs
  • Concerns of blade chipping
  • 需要more regular maintenance to keep in prime condition

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Classic Good Looks:Adler Rheinland Hatchet

adler rheinland hatchet

When it comes to purchasing tools, the most beautiful option might not be the most functional. Still, it’s hard not to acknowledge the classic good looks of the Adler Rheinland Hatchet ($79). Thankfully, this camping hatchet boasts incredible durability and ease of use as well.

While a bit more expensive than some competitors, the Adler Rheinland Hatchet backs up its price point in both function and fashion. The wooden handle was designed with ergonomics in mind, making it comfortable and safe to hold and use.


As a bonus, the wood waste created from manufacturing is used to generate energy that helps run the factory — making Adler an environmentally friendly choice.

  • 重量:30.4 oz.
  • Length:14“
  • 美丽的设计
  • 符合人体工程学的设计在使用时促进舒适和安全性
  • 高质量的建筑
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • 比其他选择更贵
  • Unique shape of axe head takes a bit of getting used to
  • Heavier than other options
  • Not the best for backpacking

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Gerber 14-Inch Hatchet

gerber 14 inch hatchet

For a compact, durable, no-frills camping hatchet option, look no further than the Gerber 14-inch Hatchet ($49). At first glance, this hatchet’s sleek design may not inspire confidence, but don’t doubt the Gerber name. Their 14-inch Hatchet maintains the company’s longstanding reputation by providing a tool worthy of all campsites, be they roadside or tucked away into the backcountry.

Weighing 22 ounces, this especially lightweight option is perfect to throw in a backpack or keep tucked away in your car or camping vehicle of choice. The molding over the top of the glass-filled nylon handle provides excellent comfort, usability, and shock absorption.

The forged steel axe head holds up to heavy use when splitting smaller logs for kindling or approaching more intricate bushcraft projects.

  • 重量:22 oz.
  • Length:14“
  • 价格和耐用性令人印象深刻
  • Ergonomic handle shape improves safety and comfort when in use
  • 短柄可能难以使用/习惯
  • 斧头削减的投诉

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Hults Bruk Almike

hults bruk alike

It’s hard to argue with a company that has been hand-forging steel in the same Swedish foundry since the late 17th century. And that is why the Hults Bruk Almike ($154) makes our list as one of the best camping hatchets of 2021.

The hand-ground axe head on the Hults Bruk Almike is struck multiple times throughout the process to increase the final product’s density and durability. Just one glance at the axe head will make you realize just how reliable this blade truly is.

When combined with the curved hickory handle, you will be hard-pressed to find a camping hatchet more suited for chopping small trees and splitting wood around the fire. Not only is the handle comfortable to hold, but the curvature and overall shape are also hard to beat in terms of elegant design.

The Hults Bruk Almike is smooth and sleek, and it’s accompanied by a beautifully crafted leather sheath to further the aesthetic appeal of this highly functional bushcraft tool.

  • 重量:44 oz.
  • Length:16″
  • Functional design
  • Incredibly durable
  • Holds edge even after many uses
  • Exceptionally sharp blade out of the box
  • Most expensive hatchet on our list
  • Hand-forged steel can sometimes lead to uneven grinding

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SOG Camp Axe


The SOG Camp Axe ($54) makes our list as another reliable, lightweight tool to accompany campers on both front-country escapes and deep wilderness missions. Weighing only 16 ounces and under one foot in length, the SOG Camp Axe is an easy addition to any backpack.

Despite being incredibly compact, this tool is strong enough to handle most camp tasks and does so with ease. In addition to a 3-inch blade on the axe head, the opposite end of this tool boasts a hammerhead to assist in pounding tent stakes into hard ground or tackling other unpredictable camp tasks.

Like theGerber 14-Inch Hatchetdescribed above, this SOG alternative also has a glass-reinforced nylon handle. This construction promotes heavy use and requires zero maintenance to keep it in working condition.

SOG全面致力于保持customers happy. If you take care of your SOG Camp Axe and use it as it was meant to be used, the team at SOG is committed to helping you maximize its functionality and lifespan.

  • 重量:16.1 oz.
  • Length:11.5″
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Affordable price for an axe of this construction and weight
  • 硬塑料手柄可以从添加的橡胶夹中受益
  • 不是最锋利的刀片,可能需要更多的维护

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Estwing Sportsman’s Axe

estwing Spoartsmn’s

如果您在营地或花园周围的较小工作的美国制造斧头市场,请考虑店主的斧头(47-68美元)。在12岁和14英寸和14英寸的品种中,轻量级 - 如果你不打算通过始终如一的沉重使用,这是一个伟大的斧头。

The head and handle of this axe are forged in one piece. Given this unique construction, the Sportsman is exceedingly comfortable to handle and provides solid balance when in use. The leather grip is both beautiful to look at and functional to use.

2.75英寸的切削刃是足够的,可以处理设计的更轻的使用任务 - 思考砍伐绿色木材,用于避难所或木工,分裂小灰烬,剥离树皮。


  • 重量:22 oz.
  • Length:12-14″
  • Single forged design is durable and comfortable to hold
  • 适用于斧头或丛林船斧
  • 较大的木材切碎任务是一个真正的挑战
  • Axe blade could be much sharper
  • Takes some front end work to maximize usability

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Camping Hatchet

When seeking out the best camping hatchet, there is a lot to consider. Ultimately, the best hatchet for you may not be the best hatchet for someone else, and it will take weighing some personal pros and cons before you gain full confidence in your decision.


Head Weight and Handle Length

Two of the most important considerations when buying an axe are choosing its head weight and handle length. Both of these decisions can be almost entirely informed by determining the hatchet’s intended use.

A hatchet used primarily for wood shaping and intricate bushcraft will have a smaller handle. Hatchets used for chopping and splitting wood have a longer handle. That’s not to say that both long- and short-handle hatchets can’t do it all, but each will perform better at specific tasks than others.

Like handle length, head weight is a good determining factor for what the hatchet is designed to do best. Lighter axe heads offer excellent control for smaller projects and close-to-the-body woodworking. Heavier axe heads allow for more swinging force, making them the optimal choice for wood splitting.

Where you plan on using your camp hatchet the most often is also worth consideration. If the majority of your camping is done on the roadside, weight shouldn’t matter much.

If you spend a lot of time off-trail or backpacking deep into the wilderness, weight matters. In this case, sacrificing some functionality to save some weight in your backpack may be required.

camping hatchet
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Ease of Splitting

consid易于分割是一个至关重要的事er when purchasing a camp hatchet. If you are buying a hatchet with wood shaping and detail work in mind, wood splitting may not be a primary concern. If you envision yourself felling trees and splitting wood often, then the ease of splitting should move to the front of your mind.


As you explore options, if you decide you need a tool fully dedicated to wood splitting, take a look at larger axes instead of hatchets. It’s entirely possible that the more compact camp hatchets on this list aren’t what you need after all, and you require a heavy-duty, full-size axe.



When shopping and considering various options, pay special attention to the materials used to create the head and, to a lesser extent, the hatchet handle. The highest quality hatchets will have steel heads, with a stronger preference edging toward those that are hand-forged.

It is also worth noting how the head is attached to the shaft. Each user will have their preference, from full tang to separate pieces, and each style comes with its pros and cons.

Do diligent research on company websites and track down user reviews. These often provide excellent metrics when gauging the durability of a tool that will surely be put to use.



When comparing different makes and models, pay close attention to the accompanying warranties offered. Warranties on heavy use tools such as hatchets can be a useful guide in helping buyers decide between options.

A hatchet that costs a bit more, but offers a lifetime warranty, may be worth the added cost compared to a more affordable option with no included insurance policy.

BladeHQ" data-descr="" data-alt=""> best camping hatchet
Photo credit:刀片总部


What Is the Best Camping Hatchet?

Choosing the best camping hatchet is almost entirely dependent on the individual and its intended use. Some companies certainly have a stronger reputation than others, but choosing the one best camping hatchet for everyone is a nearly impossible task.

We did our best in outlining some of our favorites above and ultimately chose theMorakniv Boron Steelas our overall favorite. That said, the Morakniv won’t be for everyone.

Sort your priorities and intended uses, and weigh some pros and cons of various options. You will soon find that the best camping hatchet for you may not be the best hatchet for your camping partner.

Do I Need a Hatchet for Camping?

While you certainly do not need a hatchet for camping, it does make our list as a top tool to have on any camping adventure. Hatchets are multifaceted tools; from instruments of survival to campground maintenance tools, hatchets can be used for many things in the woods.

We can say with almost full confidence that you will never regret having a hatchet with you when camping. Inevitably, someone will pick it up to split wood, make kindling, or tinker with a small bushcraft project around the fire. There is also something to be said about learning new skills and promoting self-sufficiency when out in the woods.

什么更有趣 - 燃木送或使用新学习的技能来聚集自己的技能?

Hatchet vs. Axe: What’s the Difference?


In short, hatchets are just small, lightweight axes. Axes can and often should be used with one hand as an all-purpose tool.

The classic grip to use a standard axe requires two hands. These axes are less utilitarian and have a more focused design for tree felling, wood chopping, and other forestry needs.

Adler 1919 " data-descr="" data-alt="camping hatchet"> camping hatchet
Photo credit:Adler 1919

What Is a Hatchet Good For?

Depending on shape and construction, hatchets are good for quite a lot. Their most common purpose is for chopping and splitting smaller sections of wood. Hatchets excel at cutting green wood or chopping dead wood roughly the diameter of an average forearm and slightly bigger.



A good hatchet will last for generations, but it will require some upkeep. Most of the hatchets on our list are sharp straight out of the box. Depending on the individual hatchet, though, it will require some maintenance after repeated use.


If you regularly use your hatchet at home and camp for chopping kindling and woodworking alike, you may need to give the axe head a little extra love.

Many hatchets come with user manuals for guidance in sharpening. Some hatchets even include a file and sharpening stone with your purchase.

Many professionals sharpen knives and axes for a living. If you do not have the time to give your hatchet the proper maintenance it deserves, consider taking it to someone who does.

A reliable hatchet should be in the toolbox of any diehard camping enthusiast. You may not use it on every trip, and you may not want to carry it on long backcountry excursions. However, if you spend enough time in the woods, we guarantee you will enjoy having one around.

From killing time with fun bushcraft tasks to utilizing it as a survival tool in dire situations, hatchets can do it all. There are many options to choose from, but it won’t take long to find the perfect hatchet for your needs.

Have a favorite camping hatchet? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll check it out for future updates to this article.

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