Bowlus Terra Firma


在“30S-ERA”包装中寻找带21世纪科技的旅行拖车?Bowlus Terra Firma的风格和性能有目光。

For most people, a road trip or camping getawayis about being out in nature and enjoying the simple things. Many of us are happy to sleep in a tent next to a creek after sitting around a fire, have a drink or two, and share stories with friends.


But the folks at Bowlus have a different idea of getting away. Specifically, the brand offers a travel trailer setup for those who can spend on an excursion what most people would shell out for a house.

This week, Bowlus released its latest limited-edition lightweight aluminum tow-behind: the luxury Terra Firma. Brace yourself — the price for this unique recreational vehicle starts at $265,000. And the brand is accepting orders for 2022.

Bowlus Terra Firma: Retro Luxury Travel Trailer

Bowlus Terra Firma


And the brand says its power management system easily allows owners to remotely monitor and adjust the power settings of features — like heated floors and ambient temperature — from an app on their smartphones.

轻质铝制设计 - 3,200磅(由某些汽车牵引) - 由80个高强度铝板固定在一起超过5,000架飞机级铆钉。和下巴的人指出,它的团队“花费了100多个小时抛光外部,因此壳牌可以获得其标志性,镜面明亮的反射。”

Based on the success of its previous models, Bowlus included two skylights in the main cabin and an outdoor-ready kitchen setup. Electric and propane outlets can also provide an emergency micro-charge (about 16 miles) to your electric vehicle.



Bowlus Terra Firma

This limited-edition Terra Firma has plenty of fresh technological features to allow owners to set up and drive down the road safely. A 60-second hitch and a smart brake-controller come standard.

As for life in a socially distanced pandemic, the Terra Firma addresses that as well. This luxury trailer comes with HEPA air filters, UVC lighting, and a freshwater filtration system.

Bowlus created 56 million different interior design combinations for everyone’s personalized style.

The brand even tossed in a few style combinations for man’s best friends to stay as comfortable as their owners. Slide-out, temperature-controlled feeding dishes and a personalized bed let owners know their pets feel comfortable while they enjoy the outdoors.

All Bowlus models include a “hotel-style” bathroom and spacious bedroom. The bed also converts from two twin beds into a king, for all sleeping situations.

Bowlus Travel Trailer

  • Length:25′ 9″
  • Width:80″
  • Exterior height:8′ 6″
  • 室内高度:6'4“
  • Sleeps and dines:4
  • Hitch weight:300 lbs.
  • Base weight:3,200磅。(GVWR 4,000磅)
  • MSRP:从265,000美元开始

Learn more — and if you’re feeling frisky, reserve your own — onBowlus’ website.