如果你认为一辆自行车,这两个都是敏捷和强大的声音,就像一个独角兽一样,I promise you it’s not. This is a mixed-wheeled bike, better known as the “mullet bike.” And I’m here to convince you it offers the best of both worlds.


Without spilling unnecessary ink, both 29ers and 27.5-inch mountain bikes have their merits and shortcomings. Mullet bikes, on the other hand, are just freaking fun to ride. They provide stability and capability — and they punch through rock gardens with ease. At the same time, they retain maneuverable, tight handling.

Generally speaking, mullets are also slacker and accelerate faster. The only glaring downside is issues on rocky climbs, which we’ll get into a bit later. Read on for all you’d ever want to know about the mighty mullet (bike).

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Mullet Bike: Quick History Lesson



However, the idea still prevailed with a handful of small bikemakers and enthusiasts who fabricated their own franken-bikes. In the last 2 years, mullets have made a rapid resurgence, starting with the downhill race world.

When theUCI relaxed its restrictionson mixed-wheel bikes in competitions in January 2019, many elite riders began using mullets and taking podiums, creating a buzz around the bike world.

Who Makes Mullet Bikes?

Still a small share of the mountain bike market, mullets are on the rise. Some examples include theMDE Damper,Alchemy Arktos,欺骗搅拌机,椋鸟周期Twist,Liteville 301 MK15,峡谷Sender CFR,Kona Process X,而且专门Status(the first fully dedicated mullet from a major brand).

“When you hop on a mullet, you notice the difference right away — a big difference. They are a great option, but it depends on the trail you ride,” Steve Saletnik, product manager for the Status and admitted mixed-wheel advocate, told us. “They aren’t a silver bullet but certainly have a place at the table.”

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The advantages of mullets are numerous. First, they offer more control in rocky terrain. A bigger wheel will hang up less, and the steering is more controlled.

Second, they offer more rear clearance, which is a common problem on steep trails and going over steep drops. Third, they take the inside line by helping improve tight cornering.


Yet, there’s always a downside. Mullet bikes are often imbalanced if not tuned correctly.

“它不如交换后轮一样简单 - 这可能会产生巨大,负面的后果,可以毁掉你的自行车,”Saletnik说。





“Mullets provide versatility between the two wheel sizes,” Saletnik told us. “They’re really fun to session, play on jumps, and handle most trails well. A mixed-wheel bike does more things well than other options. Also, smaller riders get more body clearance, which is especially important for downhill bikes.”

“Oh,” he added, “and they’re easy to manual.”

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