Wahoo Frontiers Film Series: Exploring the Lost Coast by Bike

Wahoo Fitness kicks off season 2 of its film series with a bike-packed adventure of California’s Lost Coast.

Ride with your friends — they’ll help you step up your game.At least, that’s the premise for these three athletes’ latest bike objective.

In this first episodeof Wahoo Frontiers’ second season, Ian Boswell, Peter Stetina, and Colin Strickland meet up in California. The trip — 400 miles over just 4 days — is part fun, part training camp.

“What do you do when you need your competition to get better, so you can beat your competition later?” teased Wahoo. “Ian, Pete, and Colin find out as they tackle the Lost Coast.”

three cyclists straddling bikes, taking a break

他们饿了,累了,有时冷,肯定 - 但他们也和朋友在一起。

Check out their full mileage forDay One,第二天,Day Three, and第四天on Strava.

colin strickland cycling in Texas
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