muc-off pressure washer

MTB Washing Machine: Muc-Off Bicycle Pressure Washer Review

There’s nothing better than riding hard and coming home dirty. But just like us, our bikes need a good washing after an epic day on the trail. Muc-Off offers an easy, effective, and fun solution.

山地自行车季节即将到来,美国大部分地区都在拐角处,and that means a quiet chorus of dirt-caked bikes begging, “Clean me before the next ride!”

通常,那些res保持空的请求ult in a filthy bike being ridden time and again. But all that grime and grit lead to poor performance and worn-out parts. I know because, as fun as riding in the dirt is, cleaning up afterward is a chore I abhor.

但对于像我这样的车手,希望有希望:Muc-Off’s bike-specific pressure washer (and cleaning kit). Complete with the brand’s signature hot-pink accents, the all-in-one kit makes cleaning a bike nearly as fun (and addicting) as riding it.


Muc-Off claims this pressure washer is specially designed to keep bearings and seals — including suspension, bottom brackets, headset, etc. — safe. That’s a welcome assurance because, in the past, using a high-pressure stream had always been a no-no for bikes.

The washer comes with three lance tips: one for bikes, a more powerful one for motorcycles, and an accessory lance that fits directly onto an included bottle of nano-tech cleaner. This snow foam cleaner feels especially rewarding, covering your bike in a thick carpet of white suds. It works to loosen all the grime and grease before you wash it clean with the sprayer.

And Muc-Off advertises that its cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and biodegradable.


All you need are a power source (three-prong outlet) and a water source (standard hose). The pressure washer’s power cord and wand hoses are plenty long to allow you to move the system far away from any sensitive areas — like the garden or garage — to avoid collateral spray damage.




Keeping my bikes clean used to be a chore, but the first time I tried the Muc-Off system, all that changed. My riding partner and I found ourselves fighting for the “magic” wand, reveling in how the wide water blade instantly turned everything clean.

My 4-year-old was entranced too, and within the hour he’d deep-cleaned more than 20 bikes. We put the washer away only when there were no more dirty bikes in the neighborhood.

muc-off pressure washer


在实践中,我发现了MUC-OFF的吨时间与传统清洁协议 - 它做得更好。在肮脏的骑行后,即使是快速喷雾,让我在下一个郊游时为一个清洁的自行车。

And doing a deep clean was almost as easy: Spray the bike with water, foam the bike with Muc-Off, wait 3 minutes, rinse, and then apply the “water displacing” Bike Protect spray (make sure to avoid the brakes). There’s no need for any brushes unless you have some extreme caked-on mud, but even then, some gentle brushing during the foam is all you need.

Occasionally, I’d apply a degreaser to the chain for a few minutes pre-cleaning and re-lube at the end.



And there’s one final unexpected bonus: I now look at my clean bikes in the garage and yearn to make them extra dirty, just so I can clean them again.