Best Tents for Camping & Backpacking in 2019


A tent is one of the biggest investments you'll make when getting into the lovely pastimes of camping and backpacking.而当睡袋sleeping pads对于一个好的夜晚睡眠来说同样重要,没有什么比一个好帐篷更能让你在野外安家了。

我亲自在帐篷里住了几百个晚上。And when it comes to picking a tent,one truth stands out: No single tent will work well for every situation.Sometimes you want a super-light bivy that just keeps the bugs away.其他时候,you want a burly winter abode capable of standing up to gale-force winds and heavy snow.

So picking a tent largely comes down to how you plan to use it.Here's a rundown of all the tents we tested,包括相关规范。

Tent Price Weight 建筑面积 Height
Cotopaxi Inti 2 300美元 4磅9盎司 31.8平方英尺 45.3″
尼莫黄蜂精英 $500 2磅1盎司 27.3平方英尺 37“
Hyperlite山地装备Dirigo 2 795美元 1磅12盎司 32.5平方英尺 45″
Kelty Late Start 2 $160 4磅8盎司 29.5平方英尺 40″
REI王国4 399美元 18 lbs 8 oz 69.4 sq ft 75″
希勒堡阿拉克3号 1160美元 8 lbs 3 oz 40.8平方英尺 43“
黑钻石距离 250美元 1 lb 9 oz 26平方英尺 41″
北面宅基地超级穹顶4 $350 13磅3盎司 56平方英尺 80″
Coleman Carlsbad 4 $152 16 lbs 1 oz 63 sq ft 59“
Black Diamond HiLight 2 400美元 3 lbs 2 oz 33平方英尺 43“
Mountain Hardwear Outpost 2 600美元 5磅3盎司 30.6 sq ft 41.5英寸
REI Quarter Dome SL 2 $319 2磅14盎司 28.7 sq ft 38″
Big Agnes Manzanares mtnGLO $350 4磅3盎司 29 sq ft 39″
山民瓦斯奎兹峰2 $280 5磅6盎司 29.5平方英尺 42“
Sierra设计Clearwing 2 $230 4磅10盎司 33.3平方英尺 40.5英寸
山地耐磨2 430美元 3 lbs 6 oz 29.3 sq ft 41″

Best Tents of 2019

这篇文章对现在购买帐篷给出了最好的建议。虽然这是个人的决定,我们的团队从多年来在网筛恒星下积累的经验中总结出了一些考虑因素。We break those down in a helpful buyer's guide at the end of the article.所以,当你下次去野营或背包旅行时,你可以根据需要挖进去跳过去,做出一个明智的决定。

Best Overall Tent:Cotopaxi Inti 2(300美元)

Cotopaxi Inti 2帐篷

The Inti 2 is a versatile two-person tent with a secret weapon. At 4 pounds 9 ounces,这是一个轻型汽车露营帐篷,很容易延伸到适度的背包使用。

Inside,the Inti 2 is spacious enough for two people.88 x 52英寸的地板甚至为非常高的露营者提供了足够的伸展空间。And the 45.3-inch peak height is enough for most people to sit up comfortably.大前厅提供充足的空间存放背包和其他装备,并为您的四脚朋友提供一个晚上睡觉的地方,也是。

The body of the tent uses ample mesh to vent,即使在下雨的时候。但Cotopaxi更进一步,在雨中增加屋顶通风口。It's a nice touch that helps with condensation in humid conditions.网格与浴缸地板的高度非常接近,雨水与地面很好地重叠,eliminating the risk of rain blowing into the mesh or splashing up into the tent.所以在这一点上,我们已经喜欢它了。

但我们提到的“秘密武器”是一个额外的壁龛,把它变成一个四个人的住所!只需连接可选壁龛,and the Inti 2 will sleep four adults.这增加了多功能性,再加130美元,使Cotopaxi Inti 2成为市场上最通用的帐篷。

考虑到它也是一个很棒的汽车露营帐篷和可使用的背包帐篷,it's our top choice for 2019.

重量:4 pounds 9 ounces
高度:45.3 inches
Cons:Heavy for long backpacking trips

See the Cotopaxi Inti 2

Best Backpacking Tent:尼莫黄蜂精英(500美元)


我们的团队有几十个晚上和尼莫大黄蜂在我们的集体皮带下背包旅行,and the consensus is clear: We love this tent!主要是,we love how much this tent saves both weight and pack space.这是一个工程奇迹,真正地。Here's how it breaks down.

尼莫大黄蜂精英体重不足2磅1盎司。Ditch some stakes and the stuff sack for a minimum trail weight of 1 pound 11 ounces.For gram-counters,that makes it a contender on weight alone.

但是这个帐篷不光。在恶劣的天气下,这也是一个非常合法的住所。下雨的时候,路上暴风雨的夜晚,Nemo Hornet Elite让我们的测试团队保持干燥舒适。与许多超轻选项不同,这是一个独立的帐篷。它采用了巧妙的三极设计,网布内饰,and integrated rainfly for a tent that keeps out bugs,雨,and wind.

Inside,a 27.3-square-foot floor gives a small but acceptable space for two adults.This is certainly not a large footprint,and you will be shoulder-to-shoulder with your tentmate.但是记住,我们在这里背包旅行。所以,依偎起来。

幸运的是,两个前厅(两门服务)下有足够的空间容纳一个大背包,鞋,and some other gear.我们在雨中用了很多次,and it's enough space to keep your kit dry,即使在恶劣的天气。

设置和取下也很容易。Once familiar with the tent,my wife and I can usually set it up easily in less than 5 minutes.

当然,at $500,黄蜂精英是一项重要的投资。But we've used one for enough nights to be impressed with its durability.也就是说,this is a superlight sil-nylon tent.这意味着它无法忍受虐待,and we don't recommend it for car camping,as that would put wear and tear on a very expensive tent.



See the NEMO Hornet Elite

亚军背包帐篷:Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dirigo 2 Dyneema帐篷(795美元)

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dirigo 2 Dyneema帐篷

TheHyperlite山地装备Dirigo 2Dyneema Tent is incredible,但它也非常昂贵。So while we do love this model for a number of reasons,它附带了795美元的价格标签的警告。

But for serious hikers,the hefty investment may be worth it.Hyperlite builds the Dirigo 2 with Dyneema fabric,这是一种非常耐用的材料,能经受住无数次的虐待,但仍然非常轻。这个帐篷,which uses trekking poles for support,weighs in at just 1.75 pounds.它提供了32.5平方英尺的建筑面积和28.2平方英尺的前厅面积,为两个徒步旅行者和背包提供了足够的空间。

虽然很贵,这是顶上的帐篷,要用很长时间。If you're looking for an ultralight tent that will give you many seasons of use,这个值得考虑。For more,看看我们的full review of the Dirigo 2.

Cons:Expensive,trekking pole tents aren't for everyone

See the Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dirigo 2

最佳预算帐篷:Kelty Late Start 2(160美元)

Kelty Late Start 2

如果价格是你买帐篷的首要考虑因素,but you still want good quality,the Kelty Late Start 2 is the best place to look.160美元,the Late Start 2 is far from the cheapest tent on the market.然而,it is a very nice tent that will last for several seasons while hitting a price point that most people won't balk at.

TheLate Start 2packs down to 16 x 7 x 7 inches.当然不是很小,it will work in a backpack.Similarly,at a minimum weight of 4 pounds,it could work for short backpacking excursions.


它以一个简单的两极设计建立了超快速。Once up,the bathtub floor offers a slight overlap with the rainfly,so splashback could be an issue in heavy rain and wind.It has small vestibules barely big enough for a single backpack,but they will suffice for hikers on a budget.两个小口袋为存放两件重要物品提供了空间。

There are better tents out there,但你会为他们付出更多。160美元,这是一个价值观,应该持续通过许多快乐的露营。

Pros:很有价值,easy setup,质量建设
Cons:Heavier,not built for extreme weather conditions


Best Family Camping Tent:REI王国4($399)


帝国4号是一个露营帐篷的宫殿。Rei设计它可以睡四个成年人,and boy,will it ever!虽然它确实花费了大量现金(399美元),我们认为这样的价格很有价值。

With nearly vertical walls,a rectangular floor,and 75 inches of peak height,the interior living space on the Kingdom 4 is massive.有地方和你的家人在一起,坐在椅子上,铺帆布床,或者一组四个人想要什么。室内空间非常适合居住。这是你想经受两天暴雨的地方。


But the Kingdom 4 goes way beyond spacious.REI also nailed ventilation,前厅,and doors.

While this is a big tent,we found setup and takedown reasonably easy thanks to the hubbed pole assembly,电杆夹,and sleeves.

这么大的帐篷,Kindom 4非常坚固。Shove against the walls hard,它几乎一动不动。

REI also gives campers the details they expect in a high-quality tent.沿着陡峭的墙壁到处都有内部的口袋和储藏室。The zippers are large.The doors are massive.The vestibules have space for four backpacks each.波兰人的颜色,便于安装。

唯一的缺点是,well,纯粹的尺寸。它重18磅,又高又宽。在大风中,这是一种帆,如果没有适当地固定,它就会飞走。但是如果你想要一个大帐篷,that's just how it is.正确使用,把它标出来,瑞伊王国4号将为您服务。

If a four-person tent isn't big enough,瑞伊也使王国six-八人模特.现在我们谈得太多了!

高度:75 inches
Pros:宽敞,easy setup,interior pockets

See the REI Kingdom 4


Hilleberg Allak 3登山帐篷


Without a doubt,the Allak 3 was the nicest tent in our testing.但是,对于许多露营者来说,这个特殊的价格将使它不在可能的范围之内。也就是说,those who have the budget and want a tent that some consider an heirloom purchase,this is a strong contender.

真主3号将舒适地睡三个人。对于两个人来说,基本上是富丽堂皇的。两个大前厅用雨水槽遮住了两扇漂亮的门(一种非凡的触感)。Zip open the tough Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric and revel in an interior space that will both protect from stinging winter winds and vent well on hot summer nights.This is one of the few true four-season tents we've used.Most winter tents are just too warm for summer,但真主应该轻松地做到这两件事。


为了力量,Hilleberg used three 9mm poles in the Allak 3.多个交叉点增加了帐篷的粗壮。as do heavy clips every 6 inches.Long sleeves give the poles deep pockets at each end to help it withstand any gale.

但综合前厅面积很大,fabric-backed mesh doors.Coupled with big roof vents,these give the tent plenty of air movement to keep cool on hot nights.Easily remove the rooftop cover,and mesh opens a central area to nighttime breezes.打开前厅以获得良好的气流,或者把它们都关上,用木条封舱以防暴风雪。因此,versatility is a major attribute of the Allak 3.

Besides price,一个缺点是重量。就像大多数冬季帐篷一样,the Allak 3 is heavy at a minimum weight of 7 pounds 1 ounce.虽然这是一个三人模型,可以在徒步旅行者中分开,that's on the high end for hiking big miles.But when compared with most winter tents,真主3号和大多数型号一样。因此,given its versatility,这是一个可以跨越季节的可靠选择。Just get ready to break out your checkbook.

重量:8 pounds 3 ounces
高度:43 inches

See the Hilleberg Allak 3

单人徒步旅行的最佳帐篷:Black Diamond Distance Tent(250美元)

Black Diamond Distance Tent


The inside is spacious for one,但你没有前厅。Vents at the foot and head of the tent should keep condensation at bay.It's not freestanding and thus relies on good stake-outs.

作为单独徒步旅行者的最小庇护所,这太棒了,very light option at 1 pound 9 ounces.For those who use trekking poles,the Carbon Z is also a strong option.The tentsells for $250 at REI.

高度:41 inches





Don't plan to carry this one far from the car.At 13 pounds 3 ounces,theHomestead Super Dome 4is a big car camping tent fit for families or a few adults on a weekend at the park.它有一扇巨大的门和13平方英尺的前厅,通向一个高高的圆顶,内部面积为56平方英尺。

六个大口袋,an internal clothesline,big windows,一个网状的天花板使这个住所值得假日聚会。It takes two people and some time to set it up.但即使它看起来像一张巨大的帆,它感觉非常结实,只要固定得好,就应该能经受住温和的天气。

We tested the model as pictured here.它很大。It's loud.我们有点喜欢它。准备在营地交朋友。

把它捡起来very reasonable $350 from Backcountry.

重量:13 pounds 3 ounces
高度:80 inches
Pros:Roomy,大前厅,zip-down windows
Cons:Large,not built to withstand extreme weather


Coleman Carlsbad 4: $152

Coleman Carlsbad 4 tent

When a tent manufacturer touts "Dark Room" on its rainfly,我擦伤了头。When is "dark" a major consideration for buying a price-point tent?阿拉斯加的夏天?然后我开始明白了——节日。

所以,如果你打算整晚熬夜,第二天好好睡一觉,这一个有好处的是内部变暗,even during the daylight hours.And while it's not a particularly high-end tent,the Carlsbad 4 is an OK shelter.入口前厅经过精心设计,以避免在泥泞或水中留下痕迹,在黑暗的屋子里,穿鞋子的人(可能还会跳舞)的地板很重。它也有一些不错的发泄,因此,即使在早晨的阳光下有四名队员昏倒,它也应该保持相当的干燥。

但是脆弱的玻璃纤维杆,复杂的设置,而且,奇数/重深色的设计应将该帐篷排除在最严肃的露营者购买清单之外。If you're looking for a large budget tent that keeps it dark all day long,这个值得考虑152美元的低价.

重量:16 pounds 1 ounce
Pros:前厅对狗很好,sleep in late with blackout lining
Cons:更长的设置,flimsy poles,重的



坦率地说,we didn't award a best winter mountaineering tent because we didn't have good conditions to test them and only had a couple of models to examine.然而,我们真的很喜欢一些,我们仔细看了一下。

Though we didn't get to test them in extreme conditions,我们确实使用了这些登山帐篷,对它们印象深刻。Stay tuned,as we will add these to a future article about winter tents when testing conditions are favorable.

Black Diamond HiLight 2400美元


以阿尔卑斯山为导向,single-wall tent has some good venting for a winter tent.但是即使有漂亮的屋顶通风口和一个像隧道一样把湿气从帐篷里抽出来的设计,it'll still be hot for most summer camping in any precipitation.It relies largely on mesh doors for venting,which makes it pretty moist inside during rain.但是,如果在干燥的天气下在一个马车湖旁露营,寒冷的天气下的登山者会喜欢这种网状的门。

The HiLight 2 has an optional vestibule add-on that provides massive storage.它足够大,或者两包,再加上靴子的空间,烹饪,等。

从一扇门进入帐篷。There's room for two to sleep and sit up,but it'll be snug.

At 3.2 pounds,这是一个粗壮的,高山防风要塞。它售价400美元without the vestibule,以及vestibule adds $150to the price of the tent.

重量:3 pounds 2 ounces
高度:43 inches

See the Black Diamond HiLight 2

Mountain Hardwear Outpost 2600美元

Mountain Hardwear Outpost 2 tent

We really loved this tent.And we can't wait until we can put it to the test in a situation that warrants such a burly winter shelter.

But in our Colorado foothills testing,前哨2当然是杀伤力太大了。This is a burly,双壁登山帐篷与最小的通风准备极端。Think the sort of expeditions in the high mountains where serious storms could build.

它使用优秀的DAC羽毛灯NSL杆和30-至40丹尼尔尼龙防撕裂。But even with such beefy materials,这个帐篷的重量只有5磅3.5盎司。对于寻找一个相对较轻的双人帐篷的登山者来说,这个帐篷最适合大自然母亲扔给他们的东西。山装前哨2看起来是个不错的选择。

一旦我们有机会进行测试,我们就会更新这个测试。$600 shelterto the test.

高度:41.5 inches
Pros:Built for extreme mountain weather

See the Mountain Hardwear Outpost 2


我们测试了16个帐篷recent camp outing,最出色的表演。They can't all be winners.然而,all the tents listed here are solid choices for various camping uses.I'll break down the best of the rest.

我们这里没有任何帐篷,我们的团队在这里露营会感到不舒服。如果我们自己不买,we wouldn't endorse it.And yes,我们知道我们还没有包括所有好帐篷。市场上有几百个,我们正在尽可能多地进行测试,并将定期更新本文。

REI Quarter Dome SL 2: $319

REI Quarter Dome SL 2 tent

REI Quarter Dome SL 2非常受欢迎,负担得起的帐篷。它是全面的汽车野营和背包。With a minimum trail weight of 2 pounds 8 ounces for$319 at REI,这个帐篷位于一个很好的位置,应该能吸引广大的徒步旅行者和露营者。

The freestanding Quarter Dome SL 2 sets up quickly and easily.主帐篷的主体有大量的网和一个小的浴缸地板,略高于重叠的雨林。It stays dry in rainstorms but could see a little splash-over from runoff.

每辆露营车都有两扇大门,方便进入车内或每侧的前厅。It's a snug layout for two,but it should suffice as long as you and your partner don't mind being cozy.

网布中的四个口袋为小物件提供了足够的存储空间。总的来说,这是一个不错的设计,但可能不适合大风暴。我们喜欢这个模型,especially at the reasonable price point,作为一个多功能的帐篷,重量非常轻。Given the massive amount of mesh,it should be a strong contender for hot,干燥的气候条件下,通风和防虫是首要任务。

高度:38 inches
Cons:Tight fit for two people

参见REI Quarter Dome 2

Big Agnes Manzanares mtnGLO350美元


This lightweight tent brings a little something extra with built-in interior lights.We originally thought this might be just a pointless gimmick,但是灯光很快就成了最受欢迎的功能。让你的头灯休息一下,享受一些野外的氛围照明。

最小拖车重量为3磅11盎司,it's not the lightest backpacking tent on the market.但它提供了足够的功能,值得额外的盎司。双开门便于进出,不会绊倒你的帐篷。And the color-coded poles make for easy setup.

One tester called this tent home for more than 200 nights while摩托车在美国露营.它经受住了每天的设置,easily weathered unexpected gale-force winds,and provided plenty of space for a person,gear,还有小狗。

重量:4 pounds 3 ounces
Pros:内置灯,easy setup,宽敞的内部
Cons:Heavier than some backpacking tents

See the Big Agnes Manzanares mtnGLO



Vasquez峰值给我们的测试团队留下了深刻的印象,但并没有完全符合Cotopaxi Inti的多功能性和质量。

仍然,this tent was very spacious for its category.正如一位测试人员所指出的,“我觉得两个人,我的博德牧羊犬甚至可以挤进去。”

虽然相貌低调,we fell in love with Mountainsmith's utilitarian design.Nice touches included vents on the rainfly,good-quality stakes,拉链不错,and four big pockets for stashing small gear.

The mesh doors and ceiling will provide plenty of ventilation.为了防雨,the fly overlaps the bathtub floor substantially,所以雨水飞溅应该不是问题。

Setup is quick: A single pole extends off a hubbed center to form a strong skeleton.The biggest negative on this tent was the build quality,as some of the stitching came loose during our 2-day test.

Vasquez峰重5磅6盎司,最小拖车重量为3磅2盎司。它需要一个reasonable $280.

高度:42 inches


Sierra设计Clearwing 2: $230

Sierra Designs Clearwing 2帐篷

With a mostly mesh body and solid three-pole setup,Sierra设计的透明翼2是一个很好的小帐篷,有一些小瑕疵。

虽然列出的帐篷尺寸为93 x 51.5英寸,两个人都觉得很舒服。然而,two large doors and vestibules do supply sufficient space for packs or gear.

带拉绳的合适的拉链对门来说是可以的,但单手操作有点困难。小维可牢尼龙搭扣的效果微乎其微。But good rainfly overlap should keep users dry even in heavy rain.

这个帐篷的优点是非常容易安装和230美元的价格很好.With a minimum weight of 3 pounds 15 ounces,Clearwing2为徒步旅行者提供了一个不错的选择。

高度:40.5 inches
Pros:轻松设置,great price

参见Sierra Designs Clearwing 2

山地耐磨2: $430

Mountain Hardwear Aspect 2 tent

The Aspect two-person tent uses three-pole construction to achieve a fairly sturdy structure.两个大前厅为徒步旅行者提供了充足的空间,and the 29.3-square-foot floor is reasonably spacious for two people.不过,虽然这是一个很好的设计,轻便的远足帐篷(最小重量只有2磅14.7盎司)我们对漂亮的拉链和网布上的几个瑕疵感到失望。

为了一个帐篷零售价430美元,我们不想马上看到潜在的保修问题。Mountain Hardwear tends to make great products,所以我们希望在我们的测试中有一个柠檬。

重量:3 pounds 6 ounces
高度:41 inches
Pros:Light,large vestibules
Cons:Catchy zipper,网格缺陷

See the Mountain Hardwear Aspect 2

How to Choose a Tent

帐篷是一项巨大的投资,所以弄清楚你需要什么是值得的。下面您将看到一个重要注意事项列表。But before we get there,花点时间想象一下你的露营未来。

你打算单独露营还是和家人一起露营?你的车在露营吗?or do you regularly head out for weeks in the backcountry?Are you a strictly summer camper,还是你一整年都睡在外面?



Interior space in a tent equals comfort.主要考虑的是地板尺寸和天花板高度。Tents have a stated number of people they sleep,但是,它们的容量有多大或有多拥挤,这是不一样的。注意地板尺寸,you can get a better idea of how many sleep pads will fit.背包旅行时,计划通过愿意依偎在双人帐篷里来减轻体重。但是当家庭或汽车露营时,we often find subtracting a person or two from the stated capacity maximizes comfort.



If you only plan to car camp,weight and packed size aren't major concerns.但是任何打算把帐篷搬到偏远地区的人都应该仔细看看这些因素。A tent like the 2-pound 1-ounce NEMO Hornet Elite is a great option for backpacking.It doesn't take up a lot of space or weight in your pack,也就是说,你可以带一个最喜欢的瓶子或者一些额外的零食。

如果你在中间地带——主要是露营车,每个季节都有几次轻松的徒步旅行——像CotopaxiInti2这样更宽敞的帐篷是胜利者。It offers a bit more comfort and room while still managing to be light enough to carry.

Weather Resistance

This is one of the biggest reasons to invest more in a tent.基本的帐篷像冠军一样能应付好天气,甚至能应付小雨和小风。但是,如果你计划在暴风雨期间扎营(暴风雨常常出乎意料地来临),it's worth it to save up and buy a sturdier tent.高级帐篷有更结实的杆,全套雨衣,密封接缝。And it's things like this that seem less important — until you find yourself riding out an epic storm from confines of your tent.


帐篷投资的价值往往与你露营的频率有关。If you camp every weekend,spending $600 on a tent could be worth it.如果你计划在更冷的季节扎营,并且需要一个能抵御天气的帐篷,这一点尤其正确。

On the other hand,if you're just starting out or plan only a few nights out each summer,一个预算选择,如160开尔蒂晚开始2将帮助你睡在外面,而不打破银行。

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Now that you have a tent,let's find the perfect sleeping pad and bag:

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