Nathan Sports Running Hydration Vest for Men and Women
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5 Best Running Hydration Packs and Vests of 2020


还有的是在过去的几年中运行背心和水袋的爆炸。Not only does that mean there are more options, but they’re also more comfortable and functional than ever before. Improved designs have led to less bounce and chafing, and more comfort mile after mile.

From mountainous Colorado trails to the wilds of New Zealand, we’ve put a lot of miles on hydration vests. We tested for overall comfort, capacity, fit, and ease of use. And while there isn’t a single hydration pack that will work for every person, we’ve included a variety of options to fit your style of running.


The Best Running Hydration Packs & Vests

Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set:$ 165

Salomon Advanced Skin Set 12 Running Vest

Comfort is a top consideration in a running vest, and it’s where the Advanced Skin 12 Set excels. The vest rides almost unnoticed, hugging the back, shoulders, and chest. It doesn’t bounce, even when loaded with a full pack of gear, water, and food. One of our editors ranthe Leadville 100它与零擦伤。


齿轮capacity:12 L
Best for:When you need to maximize comfort while carrying gear and water


salomon trail running vest
100 Miles, No Chafe: Salomon Makes My Favorite Trail-Running Vest of 2019


Nathan Sports VaporAiress&VaporAir: $150

Nathan VaporAir and VaporAiress Running Hydration Vests

Anyone who runs in hot climates will appreciate this breathable vest. At just 12.2 ounces, this pack won’t weigh you down. But it’s big enough to hold all the race-day necessities. It comes with a 2L hydration bladder, and the front storage pockets can easily fit 22-ounce soft flasks (sold separately).

Our testers didn’t have any problems with chafing and appreciated the breathable, mesh-like fabric. The two adjustment points allowed us to get a custom fit, which will minimize the dreaded pack bounce. Side toggles allow you to carry trekking poles, and the back kangaroo pocket is perfect for easily stashing an extra layer.

齿轮capacity:7 L
Weight:12.2 oz.
Best for:Going light and fast

始祖鸟Norvan 7跑步背心:$179

Arc'teryx Norvan 7 Running Vest hydration
该始祖鸟Norvan 7跑步背心是简约运行的所有长度耐用,技术和精简的包装。背心附带了旨在坐在躯干低2L的膀胱。这有助于保持弹跳到最低限度,是一个有益的提醒,以保持良好的运行位置(突向下)。

乍一看,这种承载能力的样子to be rather small, but we were pleasantly surprised how easily and comfortably it fit emergency gear, snacks, and water. The material is a little on the abrasive side, so we wouldn’t recommend going shirtless. But it has shown no signs of wear after 6 months of intense use, which makes this a quality investment.

齿轮capacity:7 L
Best for:Going light and fast, runs where you don’t need a lot of extra gear


Osprey Duro 1.5 Hydration Vest: $90

Osprey Duro Hydration Pack for Running

这个精心设计的包有你在一个时尚包所需要的一切。的中型/大型规模保持1.5升的水,而小/中带有1 L的下伸展网格和拉链口袋提供了刚好足够的空间,我们以适合灯壳和小吃。

And both our male and female testers were able to get a comfortable, no-bounce fit thanks to the variety of adjustment straps. The double front clips are adjustable and helped hold everything in place, even with a full bladder. Speaking of which, this hydration vest comes with Osprey’s unique “Hydraulics” reservoir. The streamlined design allows for easy loading, and we like that it lays flat in the pack.

齿轮capacity:1.5 L (M/L)
Weight:10 oz.
Best for:男女皆宜的配合,热路面运行,日常训练


inov-8 Race Ultra Pro 2in1 Vest: $185

inov-8 Race Ultra Pro 2in1 Vest


包装完整的长时间或光和fast. GearJunkie editor Chelsey Magness and her adventure race team have been using this ultralight pack for the last couple of years for short training runs and adventure races around the world.


我们采访了2018年巴塔哥尼亚探险比赛的冠军 - 7日和整个地球上最疯狂的地方之一600公里。阅读更多…

The vest is easy to adjust, and the main compartment can accommodate a surprising amount of gear. In regards to water carrying capacity, it accommodates a 2L bladder and comes with two 500mL flasks and a speed cup.

所以,无论你是在山高,速度快与膀胱谷拔罐或向下,这个包将让你水润的长途。在一个重345克,$ 185的价格点,这是所有的冒险惊人的多用途包。

齿轮capacity:10 L
Weight:12.2 oz.
Best for:训练运行,耐力赛


How to Choose a Hydration Pack for Running


With this vision in mind, read on for four important hydration vest considerations.



Capacity: Water & Gear

最好的建议是选择将完成这项工作最轻的背心。对于后院小道行驶时,12L所罗门先进的皮肤offers plenty of space. And if you regularly switch between all-day outings and minimalist runs, a versatile option like theinov-8二合一is a great choice.

Arc'teryv Norvan跑步背心评论



对于女性来说,你不仅需要确保长度和周长躯干是正确的,但也一定要采取胸围大小考虑进去。在女性专用VaporAiressoffers two adjustment points for an easy fit, and our female testers were pleased with the overall fit.

Extra Features

Extra features can make the difference between an OK vest and an awesome one. Depending on your running plans, look for extra pockets, reflective materials, and easy-to-use trekking pole-keepers.

Whatever pack you end up choosing, remember the goal is to get out and run. Use a vest to maximize comfort and hydration, and enjoy your time on the trail.



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