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Best Outdoor Gear Deals of the Week


在盔甲恢复长袖衬衫 - 男士: From $49 (Up to 25% Off)

under armour shirt

Under Armour advertises that this shirt can improve recovery times, due to minerals infused in the fabric. The pattern of the shirt is designed to reflect infrared energy back to your muscles and speed up blood flow and oxygenation so that you recover more quickly. Besides all that tech, it’s also just a comfy lightweight long-sleeve.

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Black Diamond Astro 175 Headlamp:14美元(30%)

black diamond headlamp

Everyone needs a headlamp, whether it’s stuffed in the glove box for emergencies or stashed in a pack for every outing you take. This 175-lumen light from Black Diamond isn’t the brightest, but it’s one of the best deals out there based on its functions.


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yeti rambler 24oz带标准盖子的杯子: From $22 (Up to 27% Off)

yeti mug.

Fill this 24-ounce YETI mug with beer or any happy hour drink of choice to keep it frosty and delicious. Or use it for your morning warm beverage. Either way, the stainless steel is camp-proof (or “dog tail on the coffee table”-proof). Throw the cup and the lid into the dishwasher when you’re done for easy cleaning.

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朋友e Blue AA & AAA Sustainability Kit: $89 (19% Off)

pale blue batteries

You will basically never need to buy another battery after purchasing Pale Blue’s rechargeable set of AA and AAA batteries. Simply plug into any micro-USB charging port or use the included four chargers to recharge your batteries. With 1,000-plus charge cycles, these lithium batteries will last for years.

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SAXX Ultra 2-Pack: $39 (32% Off)

saxx underwear

在这些高度设计的舒适内衣上查看Saxx的冬季销售。Ultra具有防潮式粘胶织物,宽松宽松贴合的气流和舒适性。用Saxx的创新球场袋制成,平坦的接缝和3D Fit,它们有各种有趣的颜色和图案。

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Prana Cristos Parka - 女士: $65 (50% Off)

prana jacket


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United Blue The Find Kit:28美元(26%)

united by blue

Everything you need for camp cooking, or even van life, this kit comes in a convenient bag with a carabiner for attaching to a pack. All made out of stainless steel, it comes with two bowls, two 8-ounce cups, and two sporks. And for every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans or waterways.

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