Testing Mens Travel Pants in Columbia

The Best Men’s Travel Pants of 2020


To say 2020 has been weird is an understatement.在位我们都大嚼到这里走出去和旅行。而当飞机开始排队在停机坪上,我们已经得到了你的背部覆盖了市场上最好的旅行裤子。


如果你正在寻找一些更积极的,看看我们精选best hiking pants of 2020


Best Travel Pants

最佳整体旅游裤子:Western Rise Evolution($149)


Functionally stylish but with a little give in the weave, the Western Rise Evolution topped our list last year. And we love it so much that we’ve kept it on our list this year.

At the core of the pant is the nylon-elastane-blend material with a traditional jean-like cut. The nylon fibers are softened by running them through an “air-texturized” process and then weaving them into a dynamic yarn. The material has a durable weave that mimics denim (and is less like khaki). The DWR coating is outstanding and kept us dry while strolling historic Ljubljana.


Since the Evolution’s official release last year, it has received overwhelmingly positive ratings by buyers. We have to agree with them. The styling is tops, and the durability paired with breathability hits the perfect sweet spot. After your trip, roll them up and watch them disappear in your luggage. They tick all the boxes for traveling and were the envy of our photographer while cycling through Colombia.

The Evolution has become a GearJunkie staple. Simple, functional, durable; it’s what we recommend to all our friends who ask us, “What would you bring on the road?”


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Runner-Up:Bluffworks Ascender Chino($125)



Our pants arrived in nice packaging and with speedy delivery. Out of the box, the attention to detail is spectacular, particularly with regards to pockets — all 10 of them.


Out back, a zip pocket sits on the left. Behind the right pocket rides a third “sleeve” to sheath a device.



The pocket number simply amazed us (and the result is questionably over-engineered). We initially struggled to find them all. Once we did, we stood in awe, scratching our heads, asking ourselves, “What would we put in them all?” But at the end of the day, their function is to ward off sticky fingers, and it does this well without compromising the look or feel of the pant. The Ascenders have a classy, timeless look and keep looking pressed after repeated wash and wear.


布:94% nylon, 6% spandex
底线:对于谁想要保持自己的日常携带比赛紧张型-A的旅客;更正式的,不太活跃 - 上伸最适合以下瑞克史蒂夫的旅客行程

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最廉价旅游裤子:UNIONBAY Rainier Travel Chinos($ 30)


These lightweight pants are a steal at just $30 (or less depending on the size and color combination). These chino pants come in four colors: charcoal, navy, black, and khaki. And for being such a bargain, they work surprisingly well. The nylon-spandex blend offers just enough stretch for a full range of motion, and we like how quick-drying they are.

而且随着50 DWR涂层和UPF,你甚至可以穿这些远足。他们可能不会持续,只要我们的名单上其他更高质量的裤子,但如果你正在寻找一个预算对旅行的裤子,这些都是它。

布:94% nylon, 6% spandex

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Anyone planning the ultimate adventure travel getaway should check out prAna’s Zion line. The material can handle climbing,hiking, 骑自行车,露营,and城市观光轻松和风格。这也难怪,他们是常年的最爱。年复一年,审查审核后,锡安 - 就像它的同名峡谷 - 经得起时间的考验。

This year, we particularly like the Zion Chino. It’s the most city-friendly cut of prAna’s Zion lineup, providing flexibility and just enough protection to deflect chaparral and the occasional rain.


We found these run about a half size to a full size too large, so we recommend you try before you buy.

他们还穿着短裤($ 69)可用,可转换的裤($ 60-95),和冒险值得弹力锡安衬裤($ 89)。

布:97% nylon, 3% spandex
重量: 13 oz. (on our scales)
底线:Styled for the city, forgiving on the trail, and can pass at the office; a versatile pant that will become a daily staple
价钱:$ 79

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Best Jogger Travel Pant:Patagonia Skyline Traveler($ 119)



The pants ride comfortably mid-waist and secure with a snap. Patagonia added a drawstring lace to keep them up as your BMI drops along the journey. A zipper fly provides quick relief. The pants narrow at the ankle with a fat elastic cuff that closes around the leg, providing good visibility for foot placement. If things heat up, they have只是enough give to pull them over the calves.



适合:真实的大小,slim fit with ample room in the quads
重量: 13 oz. (on our scales)
底线:For those who stroll casually without sacrificing durability

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Offered in a variety of fades in both slim and straight cut, these Aviators were born out of the soul for denim and a passion for travel. The pant has a whopping eight pockets, but you wouldn’t immediately know it.

三个拉链口袋隐藏传统的口袋里:隐藏在左边口袋里的背部和一上来前面有两个 - 每个大到足以容纳一个护照。所有的口袋拉链用尼龙YKK拉链,让您通过TSA微风。和右边的硬币口袋足够大,以舒适,即使是最大的iPhone。

The pant is primarily made from a summer-weight cotton blend that is soft to the touch but with a little give thanks to the spandex. It has a DWR, but it won’t dry as fast as fully synthetic pants. But it’s supremely comfortable and can walk out of coach into your port of entry in style.

Aviator is running pants at 20% off right now during its summer sale and tossed in custom hemming. You’re guaranteed a sharp-fitting pant at a great price.

布:77% cotton, 16% polyester, 5% rayon, and 2% spandex
适合:真实的大小,offered in slim and straight.
重量:22 oz. (on our scales)
底线:For denim-heads who can’t leave home without a pair of jeans

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铬工业石南五口袋裤($ 120)



The classic five-pocket pant has a sixth spare zipper pocket in the back that caches a passport or iPhone X. All pockets are tacked with smooth rivets for added durability. Chrome identifies the pant as a straight cut, but it’s supremely fitted, providing room to move without sacrificing style or comfort. Some bike commuters claim the fit istoo宽松骑自行车。vwin徳赢网他们的损失就是你的胜利。我们认为这是最舒服的裤子的日常穿着之一。

Of course, should you decide to ride the Green Bike or Bird Scooterback to the hostel,Chrome has stripped a reflective band inside both legs. Turn the cuffs up and you’ll be seen at night.

布:51% cotton, 38% nylon, 11% spandex
适合:真实的大小; slim fit with straight leg
底线:Not just for cyclists, the Madrona is a great pick for any traveler who values form and function in a comfortable pant

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公众建议每天全天裤($ 98),



The ADED pant comes with a DWR coating and two zippered pockets. A small coin pocket sits in the bottom of the right front pocket. The wide elastic waistband can be tied up with the drawstring. But the pants fit so well that you don’t really need those.

We got our hands on the jogger style and lived in them for months this spring. The straight pant is styled for more travel-friendly junkets. You can’t go wrong with either.

The pants win on all fronts, but its Achilles heel may be durability. The material is soft and would likely snag if you veer off the paved path. And the ADED imbue a casual vibe, leaving these just short of business casual, but these pants reign supreme as athleisure.

价钱:$ 98

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686到处修身($ 95),


If you’re looking for a progressive take on the traditional chino, the Everywhere Slim is a svelte pant with ample storage and lots of freedom to move.

The Everywhere Slim has plenty of room up top without feeling baggy. Off the shelf, they taper somewhat aggressively around the calves, still managing to leave room around the ankle. Tied up with the drawcord (which we loved), the Everywhere Slim pants fall closer to a jogger than a chino. The material gives after a few days of wear, relaxing into a comfortable fit.

裤子列表10口袋,这是事实,但我们feel that’s a little ambitious. Five of them are small sleeves inside pockets to keep cards, coins, or cash. The front right coin pocket is an RFID-blocking security pocket, and it’s where you’ll want to put your credit card. A large thigh pocket rides on the left and can swallow the pants when turned inside out. It will easily hold a phone and passport.


适合:spot on
重量: 13 oz. (on our scales)
价钱:$ 95

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Eddie Bauer的指南临裤($ 80)


我们的朋友泰勒笃在Bikerumor花费了近50%,他的时间旅行的。他一直穿Eddie Bauer的指南临裤年,估计他们已经登录围绕太阳四个多人次,并已成为他去到旅游的裤子。

Benedict shared, “They’re lightweight, breathable, comfortable, have well-placed pockets, and they stretch with my movement. Their two-way-stretch Flexion material has just enough movement to take on everything from parkour over ruins to strenuous hiking.”

The two zippered cargo pockets are flush with the pants, avoiding the militarized look of gusseted external pockets. They’re angled for easy access and fit the largest iPhone with a case, which is a nice bonus (not all cargo pants and shorts can claim this anymore).

他们有一段时间保持了DWR的治疗,并有10种颜色可供选择,所有正在运行的$ 80但是,像他们所说的天气,如果你不喜欢的价格,只需等待5分钟。埃迪·鲍尔在40-50%的折扣几乎每隔一个月运行其整个网站。而品牌拥有终身保障,这使得这些裤子一个令人难以置信的良好价值。

布:94% nylon, 6% spandex
适合:Athletic, true to size
底线:Durable travel pant for adventure-seeking travelers
价钱:$ 80

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How to Choose Travel Pants



Clean lines, darker colors, and traditional styling help you blend into crowds and stay off the would-be pickpocket’s radar.

Stay Organized

寻找防止钥匙和变化意外推出财大气粗。不开玩笑,一个对我们测试裤(这是不在该列表中)在工作中吐了出来钱包没有我们甚至不知道它。一个隐藏的拉链口袋将不明显确保护照或钱包。该材料应该是光,并且在我们的偏好,颜色较深,以尽量减少表示dirt collected沿着自己的方式。


Lightweight performance fabrics can withstand repeated washings in a sink, line dry overnight, and stay wrinkle-free after weeks on the go. Today’s fabrics offer advanced sun protection, moisture-wicking properties, and are often water-resistant or water-repellent.

Many performance fabrics are standing up to use like never before, and shelling out a few more bucks for quality will add up to purchasing less clothing in the future.



Contributing Editor (and Gear Junkie Idaho Bureau Chief) Steve Graepel is allegedly a crook and a thief, conning his friends to steal away time from their families in pursuit of premeditated leisure, which typically involves a bike, a pack-raft, skis, running shoes, climbing rack, or all of the above.