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The Best Flashlights of 2020


如果你想要一个强大的,多功能的照明解决方案,flashlights still offer advantages over headlamps in some scenarios. For one, they point wherever you want, not just where your head is pointing.

Also, due to fewer weight constraints, they also tend to have more powerful, longer-lasting batteries and incredible power for modest-size devices.

And to be honest, I’m a flashlight buff. Yes, I also use headlamps a lot in the outdoors. But more often than not, I grab a small flashlight from my truck center console and, if I need two hands for a project, clasp it in my teeth. I just love having the ability to point it wherever I want without having to crane my neck in a specific direction.

So if you love torches, read on for what we’ve determined to be the best flashlights you can buy. Because we’re focused on the outdoors, we rated these based on weight, size, battery life, color rendering, and lighting versatility.


Best Flashlights

Overall Best Flashlight for the Outdoors:Fenix PD35($70)

fenix pd35

Our team has been testing the Fenix PD35 for more than a year now, and it has proven itself over and over as a top-notch flashlight. First, the runtime is phenomenal. With the new-for-version-2 Eco mode, you can achieve an incredible 430 hours of runtime.

For our tester, that was enough to run the flashlight regularly for more than 6 months between recharging. That included dozens of camping trips and regular use at higher output modes.

说到模式中,PD35从低端范围3流明高达searingly亮1000流明。在这1000流明turbo模式,你可以很容易地看到物体在250码。这比足以满足大多数使用案例娱乐in the outdoors.

It’s water-resistant to 2 m, dustproof, and shock-resistant. One feature that we love is that you can easily manipulate between tactical (and strobe-enabling) functions and standard use with a small button near the front.


The PD35 recharges with a micro-USB cord, so it works with the cord you already have in your house, car, or truck.

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Best Flashlight Value:ThruNite Archer 2A V3 Cool White($ 30)

ThruNite Archer 2A V3

While the ThruNite Archer lacks a few of the higher-end features of the Fenix, it hits an absolutely excellent price of just $30. For that, you get a quality CREE XP-L V6 LED light source with a maximum power of 500 lumens.

And while that number may not look impressive, it’s way more than enough formost uses。And, using two AAs, it has a runtime of up to 4 days on firefly mode and 11 hours on medium (75 lumens).

Yes, this flashlight does use AA batteries. That certainly brings down the price compared with high-end rechargeables and costs money to operate. But it makes them extremely easy to re-power on backcountry trips — just bring a couple of extras.

At $30, the ThruNite Archer has earned a remarkable 4.5 stars with more than 1,800 ratings on Amazon.

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最通用的手电筒:NITECORE i4000R($ 120)


A strong contender for best overall flashlight, the NITECORE i4000R is one of the absolutely best flashlights on the market in terms of overall performance. But it’s significantly larger than our 2020 winner from Fenix, so it’s less suitable for hikers, hunters, or others who value light weight and small size.



It runs on a rechargeable battery that powers four CREE XP-L2 V6 LEDs. This setup provides exceptional versatility for everyone from campers and hunters to search-and-rescue and tactical uses.

用户界面是伟大的,提供轻松访问to toggle between modes (like its turbo output and strobe mode) through a dedicated button separate from the momentary-on rear tail switch.

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Best Flashlight With High Output:OLIGHT Warrior X Pro($130)

深圳市欧莱特战士X PRO 2250

随着2250流明(和其投影高达600米能力)的战士X PRO包一拳打赫克的最大输出。而对于大多数人来说,输出的该级别是矫枉过正。但是,对于那些谁需要扫夜间(如搜索和救援人员)的大片,这种力量可以派上用场。

Those are pretty wild specs for a flashlight that weighs just 8.43 ounces and measures less than 6 inches in length. It runs on a 5,000mAh rechargeable battery. You can recharge it anywhere you have a 12-volt USB outlet or recharger.

While the OLIGHT Warrior X Pro does give you excellent high-power performance, it’s weaker in the runtime category. That’s because its lowest power output is 300 lumens — more power than you usually need around acampsite。So for people looking for better runtime with lower outputs, there are better choices.

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Best Durable Flashlight:海岸Polysteel 600R($40)

精简版如果你的工作经历了很多的虐待使你的手电筒,将Polysteel 600R应该是高的名单上。我们实际上通过在10码左右用猎枪射击其测试之一。我们可能已经有点太接近,但它是唯一的事情,最终摧毁了这个手电筒滥用个月后。

所述Polysteel 600R曲柄出高达530个流明到685英尺高的距离。我们发现,调节变焦的伟大工程,以从紧聚焦光束移动的多功能性广泛的泛光灯。在低,所以35小时的运行时间,同时还为您提供一个有用的42个流明。

The only downside of this affordable flashlight is its weight. At 12 ounces, it’s probably too heavy for serious backpacking or other endeavors where weight is a factor.

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亚马逊的畅销书:GearLight LED战术手电筒S1000,2件组($ 16)


两个手电筒为$ 16〜如何赫克他们能得到什么好处?我们不知道,但10,000次审核不能所有的错误。亚马逊的畅销书有4.6星评级。

The best crowdsourced flashlight you can get (at about $8 apiece), the GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 runs on three AAA batteries. And while the light is extremely vague on its specs (it has “high lumens”), it claims to have a throw out to 1,000 feet and has high, medium, and low settings.

While this light sits squarely in the realm of budget gear, consumers rave about its performance. For example, Jude1000 writes on Amazon:

“I needed a flashlight on the farm. Sometimes, I need to go out in the fields at night to check cows and I like to see what I’m getting into. I spotted a possum over 1,000 ft. I would recommend these. I bought a set for all my children and parents.”

对于$ 16日,那是条件的证明赫克。折腾一对夫妇在你的卡车或机柜与一些电池近在咫尺,总是有一个backupflashlight that performs.

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How to Choose a Flashlight

There are a few important specs to consider when choosing a flashlight — size and weight, max power output (usually noted in lumens), minimum power output, runtime (especially in lower modes), and durability/waterproofness.

For most campers, anything over 1,000 lumens is overkill. You’ll often find yourself using much lower settings, especially around camp. However, those big numbers can be nice, especially if you need to see faraway objects.



Have a favorite flashlight we missed? Let us know in the comments for future updates to this article.

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