Best Women's Waders for Fishing

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春天在空中,which means anglers are finally pulling their waders out of storage and re-evaluating them for the seasons ahead.Here are a few of our favorite waders designed specifically for women and built to hold up for years to come.

I still have vivid memories of growing up fishing in men's waders.当我第一次看到一双真正的女式防水衣时,我既困惑又兴高采烈。兴高采烈,因为最后,我可能有一双真正合身的防水衣。困惑是因为-好吧-为什么花了这么长时间?

2019 finds female anglers faced with a variety of equipment made specifically for them.虽然一些品牌仍然明显地坚持“收缩和粉红IT”的理念,其他人正在向女性市场迈出决定性的一步,创造出与男性一样坚硬的装备,但专为女性在该领域的独特需求而设计。

As most of the country begins to leave the snow behind and the idea of spring fishing begins to tickle the fancy,垂钓者把他们的涉水者从仓库里拿出来,重新评估他们的未来季节。以下是我们最喜欢的几款专为女士设计的长筒靴。


奥维斯女式超轻敞篷涉水鞋: $298


这名来自奥维斯的涉水者在2017年国际飞行滑车经销商(IFTD)展会上获得了“最佳表演-女子涉水者”奖。And for good reason: The lightweight,versatile waders are specifically designed,轮廓的,and fit for women.FIDLOCK按扣磁性紧固件可快速轻松地转换成腰部高的涉水鞋,an important feature for warm days on the water.

轻盈光滑,the Ultralight Convertibles pair with theWomen's Ultralight Wading Boot(169美元)Women's Pro Wading Jacket($349).The jacket took home the "Best of Show–Women's Outerwear" Award at IFTD 2017.The compact,完整的涉水系统重量不到6磅,占地不到1立方英尺。They're the perfect fly fishing waders for the traveling angler or the gal who tends to live out of her car.

超轻敞篷涉水鞋有广泛的尺寸范围,包括14种独特的尺寸,from XS petite to XL tall.更多见OrVist.com.

Shop Orvis Women's Ultralight Convertible Waders



价值涉水者的坚实标准,奥维斯制造女子遭遇涉水者with four-layer,breathable nylon fabric.设计与奥维斯银质音效系列的流行款式相匹配。A front kangaroo-style handwarmer pocket,拉链网存储袋,和自织物砾石防护确保钓鱼者在水上有他们需要的功能。


Shop Orvis Women's Encounter Waders



巴塔哥尼亚的中游春江涉水者是为那些花很多时间在水上,但也重视生物舒适的女士。They have waist-mounted EZ-Lock suspenders for easy conversion from chest to waist height.一个创新的后扣系统,使它可以快速下降的浴室休息,而不删除多层座椅。单缝结构消除了腿部高磨损区域的接缝。

Our favorite feature?舒服的,anatomically correct booties lined with cozy poly-grid and quick-draining flat-panel gravel guards.Pair with the brand's newWomen's Minimalist Wading Jacket(199美元)一个值得旅行的涉水工具包。

Patagonia's Spring River Waders come in 21 different sizes in petite,regular,和Rull范围,包括创新的“MS”(中小型)和“LM”(中大型)尺寸。

Shop Patagonia Women's Spring River Waders

Simms Women's G3 Guide Waders550美元

Simms Women's G3 Guide Waders

这旗舰西姆斯女式防水衣is a workhorse.我是认真的。在五大洲的艰苦使用之后,我第一次把我7岁大的那对送去修理。她们可能不是河上最时髦的女性涉水者,但我很欣赏冷水中较厚的戈尔-特克斯G3材料。So I don't mind the fact they take up slightly more space in my suitcase.

The women's-specific fit manages to somehow look almost flattering (a tall order for waders),and a scalloped top opening fits higher at the chest and lower in the back for comfort and coverage.伸出手,胸口口袋有拉链,这是一个很好的变化,从过去几年(桨往往会抓住口袋在某些情况下)。前腿和后腿采用专利接缝,实现最大的灵活性。



Simms Women's Freestone Waders280美元

Simms Women's Freestone Waders

四层Toray防水透气层压板有助于使席姆斯的中线透气棉絮在水上长时间的良好合作伙伴。An articulated women's-specific fit comes in a variety of sizes for a specific and flattering fit.把手从暖手口袋伸出来,拉链式顶部储物袋,and improved back yoke design are thoughtful details that bring value.

Available in 10 sizes,从S短到XL,在SimMscom上。

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Simms Women's Tributary Waders: $180

Simms Women's Tributary WadersCreated for value-seekers who still want waders that will keep up with their on-the-water adventures,西姆斯女子支流涉水运动三层防水透气聚酯纤维在上面和四层相同的在下面。把手伸进暖手口袋,拉链式顶部储物袋,以及符合人体解剖学的氯丁橡胶脚垫。

Available in 10 sizes,从S短到XL。


Redington女式Sonic Pro Wader300美元

Redington女式Sonic Pro Wader

声波焊接技术意味着这些填充物上的接缝是焊接而不是缝合的。This helps to eliminate potential pinhole problems in the seams.四层防水透气面料结合弹性侧幅,实现最大灵活性,and minimal pockets mean a simple silhouette and reduced bulk for travelers.氯丁橡胶靴在我们的测试中已经使用了好几年。


购买Redington女式Sonic Pro Waders

L.L.Bean Women's Emerger Breathable Super Seam Waders: $179

L.L.Bean Women's Emerger Breathable Super Seam Waders

虽然这张单子上的涉水者不如技术人员多,这些从洛杉矶来的脚踏车。Bean are a decent offering for the occasional angler.The durable shell has reinforcement on the high-wear area from knee to ankle.宽松的合身设计,让你在寒冷的天气里也能轻松叠搭。


洛杉矶购物中心Bean Women's Emerger Waders

Best Waders for Women: Final Thoughts

Jackie Jordan and Christine Penn rigging up for a spring day on the Delaware River

New advances in wader technology are making it easier than ever to spend long days on the water in comfort.随着人们越来越关注户外领域的女性——尤其是飞行捕鱼——我们发现准备下水的女性比以往任何时候都有更多的选择。

妇女是一个众所周知的具有挑战性的市场,有充分的理由:我们知道自己喜欢什么,并且会一直寻找,直到找到适合自己需要的装备,身体,以及户外活动。幸运的是,the selection continues to grow.And within these waders,一个肯定能达到你需要的标准。

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