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Benchmade just gave its line of fixed-blade hunting knives a facelift. Here’s what hunters can expect from a new Benchmade hunting knife in 2020.

BENCHMADE使少数人的best hunting kniveson the market.但它可以通过艰难,有很多强势品牌竞争削减。因此,为了保持竞争力,在BENCHMADE做了一些小的(和一些大)更改为基石猎刀六秋季2020


The changes hit Hunt Class knives in the Saddle Mountain Skinner, Steep Country, and Hidden Canyon families.

These names will be familiar if you’ve flipped through the Benchmade catalog. But the brand contends that this is “not a fresh coat of paint slapped on an old model.” The ergonomics and in-hand design have been updated for each, along with the sheath systems.

Benchmade HUNT: S90V, SelectEdge

Benchmade will offer multiple models of the Saddle Mountain Skinner and Hidden Canyon knives. There is a base model, which has S30V steel similar to previous models. But the big changes come in new “-1” model variants.

这些“-1”型变体是高级版本与S90V刀片钢,Richlite / G10手柄,以及新技术SelectEdge。噢 - 更高的价格。


Benchmade launched SelectEdge in the Meatcrafter, a knife made for meat processing after a successful hunt. Check out our full蝴蝶牌Meatcrafter回顾在这里.

The premium models also have Richlite handles. Made from resin-infused paper, it’s extremely durable, versatile, and highly sustainable. It can be found in a range of applications from countertops (due to its antimicrobial characteristics for food prep) to architectural exterior cladding.


15006 Steep Country

Benchmade Steep Country

TheSteep Countrymarks the only Hunt Class knife for which Benchmade will not offer a “-1” model. But this $130 knife is a well-rounded performer that should hit a sweet spot for a lot of hunters.

新的ly redesigned, versatile fixed blade has a high-visibility Santoprene handle with redesigned handle texture. With precision in mind, the updated blade thickness and jimping location aim for ease of use and ergonomics.

  • 叶片愣th:3.54” (8.99 cm)
  • Open length:7.76” (19.71厘米)
  • 发售时间:September 2020

Saddle Mountain Skinner

saddle mountain skinner

The15002 Saddle Mountain Skinner($ 180)是一种高级狩猎固定刀片专为全球各地的大游戏猎人。根据在现场的反馈,新的模式具有改进的jimping位置,人体工程学,并提高舒适性和控制叶片轮廓。更新的护套设计,确保你的刀住宿的保护。

  • 叶片愣th:4.20” (10.67 cm)
  • Open length:8.70” (22.10 cm)

You can also upgrade to the15002-1 Saddle Mountain Skinner,它具有保费S90V钢和SelectEdge,为$ 250

而对于那些谁希望与肠道钩刀,该品牌还提供15004鞍山斯金纳($190). It’s the same knife, but with a gut hook on the spine.

15017 Hidden Canyon

Benchmade Hidden Canyon

新的15017隐藏峡谷猎人($160) is a small-framed fixed blade for precision cutting tasks. Despite its compact profile, this knife provides ample real estate throughout the handle and cutting edge. Benchmade intends it for big game and smaller species. The 2020 improvements include changes in the jimping location and ergonomics.

隐藏的峡谷亨特还配备在15017-1 version, with the upgraded steel, handle material, and SelectEdge for $230.

  • 叶片愣th:2.79” (7.09 cm)
  • Open length:6.42” (16.31 cm)

Other than the Steep Country (which hits the market in September), these hit the market this week. Check them out atBenchmade’s website, or放置序(或订货去年的打折款)今天BladeHQ.

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